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Looks like there still is a lot of human hands touching the shoe. I would have imagined a lot more automation but this is interesting. Buy Buy Buy..... the pound is under 1.45 dollars now.
I think the actual Topy looks better then the Vibram. Which cobbler in the NYC uses actual Topy? Nick, do you you Topy since on your website, you only mention Vibram.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pashukanis I have bookmarked 16 'build your own shirt sites' - only used two. It would be interesting to see some sort of chart/thread that listed all of our experiences with these various outfits. Something like this but with feedback etc. As for blank - I might give them a try - their measuring is a bit too generalized though. How do these sites...
Did anyone read this article or try them out? How many of these design your own shirt sites exists now?
yes, I know....... Pound is weak. I am thinking of this one. I wanted the Loake Blackfriars but alas the top looks too big to my eyes.
Hi, does anyone have experience with this model from Alfred Sargent? It's looks pretty nice to me.
I have a C&J Dartmouth. Does anyone here happen to have that shoe and compare them next to the Blackfriars?
I for one like a structured shoulder but with as minimal padding as necessary and a bit of roping. However, A Brioni style shoulder is not just padding on the top from my understanding. It extends a considerable amount lower to create a more rounder shoulder almost to the point of creating an oval where the elongated sides are parallel to the ground rather than an oval with the elongated sides vertical to the ground which is more prevalent in suit design. I never would...
I think the shoe is not bad at all. The toe is a bit bulbous but I think a bit of antiquing and higher shine will definitely help..... A good shoe to expand one's rotation! Thanks again for all you time and the for photos both you, Charles' Wardrobe and TheBlackBruceWayne.
Very interesting...... the toe looks more square then I thought it would in the second photo but then the other photos makes the shoe look quite elegant and sleek..... I am still torned by this shoe.
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