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Wow, this episode was crazy........ Holy Shit
Yeah, the Amy herself is not bad either.... in a MILF kinda of way.
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius How? Hello, the best way to stop racism is to have different races interact with each other. Everyone gets to know others on a personal level and not judge purely on the color of a person's skin. Yes, some kids may have parents that teach them intolerence but as a whole mixing different races together is one of the best ways to decrease racism.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Could you miss my point any more? No, you could not. I'm saying there is no "wrong" here to agree or disagree with. Hmm, I missed that point with all the other stuff you said. Fair enough then!
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius ...therefore what? I dunno anymore! The argument of that article while very interesting doesn't mention that: while yes certain products, services have increased and bare essentials such as foodstuff have actually decreased in value, there still should be no doubt that there is higher inequality today even accounting for aformentioned divergent trend
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I'm not sure I follow your grammar or logic here. Fixed my grammer. What I am saying is the paper mentions that services, products, etc for the rich have gotten more expensive relative to the poor. Who is to say the rich need to live like they are rich. They can just as easily get by with just a bit more then the poor person.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan This is a really fascinating read. Broda and Romalis find that reach people spend more money on labor intensive things like home cleaning, lawn care and yoga. Since these items remain steady in price (less affected by global forces) the rich have not benefited as much as poor have with lower prices on consumer items. That is a one sided argument. The rich don't have consume what the rich "supposedly"...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Dood, sorry the fact that my thinking cannot be boxed in by yours, but this does not make me "hostile." You asked me a question that does not apply to me. How can you begin to understand when the framing is incorrect in the first place? You keep trying to force me to make a value judgment and I keep trying to tell you that I do not have one to make. Why do you deem me hostile because I will not let you force me...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Why do I need to have a "stand" on this? In case you haven't noticed, I keep pointing out that economics is an amoral thing in my view, ergo I would never feel this is "ok" nor would I feel it's "not ok." So what is your stand on math? Have I demonstrated to you that your assertion on "runaway inequality" and the tax base is incorrect? Also, you do realize that using the term "runaway" demonstrates you still...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Actually, I didn't offer a value judgment, just pointed out how the support you offered for your assertion is obviously incorrect. What is your stand regarding 44% of the income in NYC being made by 1% of the population? Do you feel it's ok and sustainable? Do you think it will increase as the trends says it will?
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