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Wow, this episode was crazy........ Holy Shit
Are you sure those are RL BL? The seams on the unaltered one is not the seams normally found of RL shirts.... I forget what the seam is called, I believe it is called a french seam where one of the line of stitches is covered.
There was an article on seriouseats that argued for the least amount of water. That way, it boils faster, returns to a boil faster after the pasta is added and more of the starches stay on the pasta which allows for better adherence of sauce. Also when you finish the pasta in the sauce, it makes for a slightly more smoother sauce because the pasta water added to the sauce can act as a thickening agent along with the surface starch on the pasta.
This is not rocket science: Girl Hot -> yes Talks to you -> yes - - - Basically, she doesn't think you are a creep. Thus depending how you play it, you can sleep with her. That's enough to continue on. You are not gonna marry her anything close to that. Besides, a hot girl increases you chances to meet even hotter girls with a personality you match up with. So what's there to lose? Since you are not that interested anyway, you can keep her at arm's left...
After you rinse the rice and pour the excess water, you have to let leave it alone for 30 minutes so the rice kernels absorb what little remaining water coating the rice. That way, you ensure perfect texture of the cooked rice and less water during boiling and less boiling time. When cooking, the ratio is 1 part rice, 1.25-1.50 part water(closer to 1.25). You can add a piece of kombu to the water if you like. Personally, I have mastered cooking rice in a pot on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by samus On that note, it's annoying how people will now use extra-virgin for everything, regardless of appropriateness. E.g., high temp applications where all the money paid for those beautiful flavors goes up in smoke. I used to believe this and still do but the more I read on how people in Italy cook, they use extra virgin olive oil for everything as well. It's used for deep frying as well which I found very...
Bodiley's is more expensive then Pediwear, at least for the shoes that I want.
yes, but in order to use their price match, I first need to find a site that has lower prices. Do you know of any site? Thanks
I was wondering if there is a online shop that offers prices cheaper then Pediwear? I understand Plal can't sell online anymore so what are other options that are cheaper then Pediwear?
A lot of times, it's like a gut feeling. You know something is up but you just can't prove it. However, I am trying to find the concrete signs so that I can be certain of things. I mean this doesn't just apply to two co-workers fucking each other, it can only be about something going down in a company. Little hints that everyone should pick up one so one is not blindsided by sudden change or something unexpected.
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