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For the average home chef, learning how to sharpen a knife is more important then getting a high end knife. I rather have people buy say a Dexter Russell or a Forshner then a Shun any day of the week. These inexpensive knives are the knives most restaurants use and work great. I really can't imagine the average home chef maintaining a japanese knife with it's super hard alloy. I think most people need to know that super hard metal knives need to be resharpen. Where as...
Quote: Originally Posted by hackensaw I've just been quoted $1,984 USD for a bespoke suit from W.W. Chan made out of Zegna Trofeo fabric (in a plain gray color). Has anybody else purchased a suit with this fabric recently from one of the top HK tailors and paid this amount? I was expecting it to cost around $1,500 USD??? A follow-up question: Is it worth paying for the Zegna Trofeo fabric or are there other fabrics just as nice at a lower...
I picked up a suit using Zegna's Trofeo cloth. From my understanding it is hard wearing. I wanted to pick a cloth from an English firm but I just couldn't fine the right design. What and how does other feel about the Trofeo cloth. It felt very silky hand and fantastic bounce back from the crupple test.
I will be starting a new job soon that requires me to wake up around 5:30-6am and be in the office by 7, 7:30am. What foods and combinations of foods would you recommend that would give me a boost of energy with minimal fuss in the morning but I am ok with fuss if it is worth the trouble. Also, for lunch. I want high energy foods again. I don't want to have that lull in the afternoon from eating the wrong stuff. I am looking for real food, not energy bars,...
What would be the average pay for production support position for cash equities working in NYC?
Hi, Does any have resources they can point me to to learn more about the FIX protocol? I went to the FIX protocol website numerous times but it is terribly laid out. Is there a book I can purchase? Maybe someone here has a cheatsheet?
Quote: Originally Posted by Egert You will probably just book the trades the desk has done, calculate & report the daily P&L and maybe monitor the risk... Can you elaborate a bit more on the technical skills required?
Does anyone have clothes made from escorial? If so, can someone compare it other wools? Is it really that special as it's made out to be?
I was wondering if anyone has done this position before or has known or knows someone doing it. If so, can you give me a rundown of what skills are required and what a day would be like working in this position. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by GSquared After last nights episode, I think that Ronnie may be bipolar. Crying and then becoming the hulk and then happy at the club. I don't get how saying 'I'm going to bring 3 girls back to the smoosh room' and then getting mad at her for dancing because she did it in front of you. Guys a joke. PS. Jwoww.... just ... wow. Love the outfit. It seems that both of them are living in their own world. He...
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