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Sfield, name some places where you eaten for less $20. The places you named are to put it plainly "damn expensive". These places are for most people a verrrrrry special occasion place at best or at worst, once in a lifetime place. I don't think the average person would frequent these places on a regular basis because of the $$$$ price tag. Also, let everyone know on a given ordinary day, what you eat? Also name a junk food that you crave!
Eason, you are chinese right? Cantonese by any chance? Here is my take. There are certain posters here that have extreme levels of taste. In other words, it would be impossible to truly please them. What I find odd and also the same with all these people this. Let me use a fashion example. If you notice, many top designers walk out after a runway show wearing a t-shirt and Levi 501s. This is the same with a few posters here. Here are the facts..... If I...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek The pork should only be cut into medallions at the end imo. Why are you flouring them? Not flouring, just a dusting
I would try this. Apples and pork are always a good combo. Cut the tenderloins into 3/4" medallions, salt and pepper them and pat them in some flour, shaking off the excess. You can use corn starch as well. Pan sear both sides at medium heat, about 2-3 minutes each side. Take them out of the pan, add onions(about a medium size)and caramelize a bit. Add a bit of salt at the beginning to aid in release of moisture. When pan is almost dry, add a bit of sugar. Then...
I don't know why people always mention eggs sticking to stainless steel. I never have this problem. For oil, simply heat up the pan with oil and wait till it is about to smoke. Remove it off the fire and let it cool. Then heat the pan and cook. Even easier, use butter. Heat butter till no more foaming and put in eggs. I would avoid non-stick because the chemical is toxic. I don't care what people say about normal heat levels being ok. There are just too many...
Any foods that require the use of hands: wings, fried chicken, burgers, whole crabs, lobsters. I would also say oatmeal is a manly food.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bohdathone Being triple-distilled, Irish tend to be lighter in flavour than Scotch whiskies. Obvious examples are the famous Jameson's, Bushmills etc. There's huge variation in the world of Scotch whisky, from light, fruity blends (Cutty Sark, J&B) and malts (Rosebank, Tullibardine) to heavier styles of blend (most of the Johnnie Walker range, also the excellent Teacher's) and single-malts. Islay malts, like Laphroaig,...
Help a bro out...... I know there are many many whiskey aficinados on this forum. I would like to get something special, a little different but at a moderate price. Any help would be great!
I am only beginning to learn the complexity of whiskey/whiskys. Can someone here provide me with the general differences between Irish whiskeys and Scotch whiskies along with good representatives of both types. I am trying to find a good bottle for gift giving.
Hey Everyone, I want to setup an ecommerce site but I really don't know where to begin. I googled it and quite a few site talk about it but most have an agenda to sell products from certain companies. Has anyone here setup a ecommerce site? If so, can you give me a quick tutorial on how you did it and what steps are required to start one up? I am helping a buddy out with little technical knowledge. Thanks
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