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It's been going on for too long and I think it should stop. What are your thoughts?
For anyone that works in corporate america, there is always a year end review of the past year's performance. Typically, it is your immediate manager and his manager giving you a review. I find this is one-sided. How would one progress a complaint towards a higher up then one is of the rank and file? I did an extensive google search on this subject and found the odds are stacked against the rank and file. Typically the result is this: Since it considered a breakdown...
Quote: Originally Posted by sjg22 First, I think that it's totally a misnomer that every girl is always looking for a relationship. There are guys that run completely against the stereotypical "hit it and quit it" mentality; there are girls that run agains the traditional "I want to be in committed relationship at all times in order to feel secure" stereotype. She may actually just not want a relationship. Second, you came on ridiculously strong. If...
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Well a good home cook can eat better than at 99% of restaurants in America. I think in other countries in the world, this is a little different since chains are less prevalent and people are a tiny bit more discerning. But, when you're talking about FL, unless you extremely skilled, highly equipped and can source great ingredients, you are kind of an idiot to try and recreate it unless in fact you really want to do it...
I took a look at this thread and said WTF, this must be a joke. How can that jacket be off the rack? The proportionals are way to feminine. I have no problems with black suits per se but the cut of this is ridiculous. I mean I like shorter jackets because I feel it works better for all but the tall/lanky or tall/big guy but this way way to short. It's a loss in my books! But hey, with the feminization of men these days, what else is new?
From the picture of the cut steak, it appears you cut it too early. Just give it a few minutes more. As it it being an entrecôte, it appears to be the tail end of the where here in the US is called a rib-eye. Nothing beats a rib-eye!
Any damn place that celebrates the fact they serve charred meat is not a place any person with a palate should go to. Any place that brags they use 1000 degrees F to sear their steaks should themselves be burned down in 1000 degrees F. Peter Luger by being so unpretentious is well basically being pretentious.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy that's my take on it exactly. but that last begs the question of what the most common types of cutting are in the cuisine. In my experience, Japanese food is much more about fewer cuts more precisely made, while most Western cuisines make more use of chopping, etc. In any case, it's really important to pick up a knife and at least go through the motions of the chores you will most frequently use it...
I find santokus to be a feminine knife. The chef knife/gyutos have a nice curve to blade so slicing is easier and can support a rocking motion. A santoku has a flatter curve so think it's better for a push cut and slicing. Since it's shorter, it can be more managable for most people. Whatever my viewpoints are, a santoku is traditionally an all-purpose knife so who is one to argue it's merits. It was the japanese version of a chef's knife
Quote: Originally Posted by Trompe le Monde Ruth's Chris uses an 1800* salamander and the steaks come out awesome. No, burnt meat is not favor, it's carbon! Heat above 300 and below 500 creates the Maillard reaction, which is the combining of sugar and protein molecules. That is favor. I am so tired of people not understanding how to cook a steak properly.
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