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Quote: Originally Posted by TC11201 LNC will still do CMT without question. He's located just underneath the old shop - ain't much, but he's still quite busy. Quality, if anything, has gone up a bit over the past few years. He's also willing to do more things stylistically that he wasn't when he was still with the other partner. Excellent, Thank You Sir! I knew someone here would know
Looks like most tailors are reluctant to do CMT from reading the postings on this forum. I dunno how LS would do CMT since the Izzy basically measures you and then he sends the measurements off to the MTM shop. Or am I wrong. He does have bolts of fabric at the place. Please, more recommendations are welcomed.
I used LNC down on Baxter St. once for a suit, the workmanship was quite good but that was before when they had a shop. Does the guy at the current place do CMT work? If not, I was thinking of getting some coating cloth from Andrew and having it done somewhere in NYC. I would like a recommendation that is reasonable in price. Does Mr. Ned so CMT? And if so, how much would it be? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by malefic I don't see any reason to buy ties outside of eBay. I have marked a particular seller, located in Italy, who lists dozens of designer ties (Polo RL, Hermes, Kenzo, Leonard, Gucci, you name it) in batches all starting at 6 bucks every few months. There are so many authentic ties from amazing brands being sold for ridiculous prices I just don't see why anyone would ever spend $40 on a regular-priced mediocre tie. If...
Has anyone asked WWChan for a lower price when ordering multiple items at once?
On a more serious note, does anyone else feel that all his suits are out of proportion in some weird way? There is just something off that I just can put my finger on. For some reason, the first impression I get is that the suit looks like a child's suit..... The proportions are all off. I think these suits although they are not structured like an english cut, have a bit too much shape for him. Whether it be the body/head size proportion or the big feet, the wide...
Use it instead of mint in your lemonade....
So what the best place for pho is NYC?
So many great shows that have forgotten about. I really liked Two Fat Ladies. They made honest food and showed it in an honest manner. Nothing pretentious, just good old cooking. Now some of the stuff they made I wouldn't make myself but that's another matter. For those in the NYC area, I enjoy Colameco's Food Show. Another no pretense type of guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo +1000 +10000
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