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Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel "Developed traps," eh? Those jackets make the guy look like a damn pear! No jacket should make a guy look like a pear, least of all a physique man! I just saw Schwarzenegger in a suit on the Jay Leno show last night. He sure didn't look like a pear! Exactly, shoulder padding will do the guy a lot of justice along with a slighter higher collar for the guy along with a bit more supression at the waist,...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I agree with Greg: there's nothing wrong with shoulders that are less square and the shoulder line here looks pretty good to me. However, I would go with a slightly longer length, open the quarters, and, of course, fix the divets. Sir, I think your idea of balance is off. The guy is 5'4" with a 16" neck. A higher shoulder and higher collar(because his neck is pretty long relative to the his body) would...
Quote: Originally Posted by max power Thanks all for the helpful feedback! To answer a few questions, I am a towering 5'4", longer in the torso than legs, usually take a 38s jacket and size 30 trousers, and have a 16" neck. You all say that I have low shoulders, but I like to think of it as developed traps, natch. I already asked Patrick to open up the quarters on my next jacket. I also am inclined to add at least 1/4" to the length, since that was...
My two cents: The suit has a downward look to it. The shoulders are too sloped which throws off the balance of the suit. I recommend a bit of padding but in a very slight pagoda style with maybe a bit of roping or maybe not. I would open up the quarters for many reasons but the button stance I think requires an open quarter. I think the flaring of the skirt also makes your shoulder appear small. It should be narrowed down. I think the closed quarters make the suit...
What would be the minimal amount of fabric I need for for a knee length overcoat?
The toe is SO BIG. Wingtips, medallion, double monk, pebble grain...... that's too much.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos CMT=Chief Master Tailor Making a garment from your cloth is CTM. Cut, trim and make. Thanks for the correction, sorry about the typo!
Quote: Originally Posted by TC11201 LNC will still do CMT without question. He's located just underneath the old shop - ain't much, but he's still quite busy. Quality, if anything, has gone up a bit over the past few years. He's also willing to do more things stylistically that he wasn't when he was still with the other partner. Excellent, Thank You Sir! I knew someone here would know
Looks like most tailors are reluctant to do CMT from reading the postings on this forum. I dunno how LS would do CMT since the Izzy basically measures you and then he sends the measurements off to the MTM shop. Or am I wrong. He does have bolts of fabric at the place. Please, more recommendations are welcomed.
I used LNC down on Baxter St. once for a suit, the workmanship was quite good but that was before when they had a shop. Does the guy at the current place do CMT work? If not, I was thinking of getting some coating cloth from Andrew and having it done somewhere in NYC. I would like a recommendation that is reasonable in price. Does Mr. Ned so CMT? And if so, how much would it be? Thanks!
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