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I say forget both and go for a nice sterling silver one. You won't regret it
Is this where the term "top notch" comes from? The reason why most RTW suits have lower gorges is to allow for men with bigger chest. The bigger the chest, the higher the gorge would appear on the wearer. So to accommodate this, gorges have to be a bit lower on RTW. A high gorge is definitely better in most cases but not to some of the ridiculous extremes that fashion has taken things to.
can someone post the link to where iammatt posted his technique for peking duck? I can't seem to find it
Just got the Mayfair topcoat. The fit is pretty damn good but I find the arms to be a bit full and in need of slimming. Does anyone else feel this way?
Ouch!!! She was so looking forward to him proposing but when was she gonna tell him that she cheated on him????? Whatever, we don't know the whole story so all I can say is that this is some fucked up shit no matter how you cut it!
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Consider a knife skills class (or dvd) taught at many cooking schools. Not only do you learn how to cut things you learn how to protect yourself from cuts and accidents. http://www.filmbaby.com/films/2065 I think Mr. Wilkinson is right on the money on this. If you pay attention to that you are doing, rarely does knife accidents happen. But hey, it's part of the deal... everyone cuts themselves,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Fat people don't prepare food, they just chew fat. Man, u hold on to stuff, don't u. Just stick to the topic at hand!!!
I wanted to know what was the worst knife accident you had in the kitchen. Once I almost shave half of my middle finger nail off. No blood but half the nail was hanging like wedge off the other areas of the nail!
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson No, it doesn't. They are two entirely different animals. Two different goals, two different results, with really no comparison whatsoever. To act like "good food" or "flavors" or whatever it is that you're trying to generalize in this thread is some all-encompassing term is just wrong. It all has its place, and the place that old fashioned "grandma" cooking holds is no more important and no more impressive than...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I really hope that you are not a professional food critic. FWIW, I think that nutritionists generally are people who don't really like food. Nope, ain't a food critic, not one bit. I just try to educate people about what good food is. I am no nutritionist either.... I think they don't know anything about food. It was these same people that recommended using trans fat margarine instead the real stuff...
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