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I find santokus to be a feminine knife. The chef knife/gyutos have a nice curve to blade so slicing is easier and can support a rocking motion. A santoku has a flatter curve so think it's better for a push cut and slicing. Since it's shorter, it can be more managable for most people. Whatever my viewpoints are, a santoku is traditionally an all-purpose knife so who is one to argue it's merits. It was the japanese version of a chef's knife
Quote: Originally Posted by Trompe le Monde Ruth's Chris uses an 1800* salamander and the steaks come out awesome. No, burnt meat is not favor, it's carbon! Heat above 300 and below 500 creates the Maillard reaction, which is the combining of sugar and protein molecules. That is favor. I am so tired of people not understanding how to cook a steak properly.
Where are you located?
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Well basting with butter in a pan isn't exactly a recipe as much as it's common sense. Butter makes everything better!
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Ercoles in Brooklyn does CTM...but the house fabrics he keeps in store are not much more How much does Ercoles charge? I have read he is probably the best price/quality ratio in the city. What does other forum members think?
Quote: Originally Posted by TGPlastic Consider too that your iron skillet is very porous. It actually holds oil and other particles from previouly cooked dishes. That's why you don't wash it with soap. You wanna preserve that naturally built nonstick/flavor surface. Now it's doubtful that the iron pan will impart any flavor to something as big as beef. Save that pan for your eggs or maybe some chicken. Use a non nonstick pan for cooking your...
Quote: Originally Posted by GrillinFool And as bad as the damage seems it could be worse. Had a Halloween party at my place and someone accidentally tossed my Shun Santoku in the trash. Gone. My fave knife of my 5 shuns.. WTF? Find that person and de-friend on Facebook NOW!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmax I mostly agree with you but very few people finish their edges to finer than 1000 grit equivalent and for everyone else a ceramic rod makes for an improvement over the standard "medium" grooved steel. Yes, a true statement! But if anyone is to invest in a japanese knife, one should definitely consider learning some sharpening skills. I tell you, there is such a calming quality to sharpening a knife. I find...
I would avoid aluminum pans. Even though there was science floating around saying excess aluminum causes Alzheimer's disease that was been disproven, I would say that since it's a mineral that our body doesn't need, it's best to avoid using it. I usually think Mark Bittman is great since he's the everyday man's cook however there is some cynicism on what he's proselytizing. His forget the masses, I am right works for certain things but not this. Home is not a...
I recommend this for that little knife freak in all of us. Hone the blade to a mirror shine with a high grit count waterstone. Then 0.5-1" down from the tip of the knife, run a ceramic steel for 1-1.5 inches to create bigger micro serrations. (This is meant for standard 8" gyutos). That will give you a very useful and pratical blade. I mean you can go even fancier with different angles at different parts of the knife but that's going crazy!
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