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Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Truth: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=173596 Finally, something we can all agree upon!
If anyone here reads the current events forum with at least a bit of regularity, it is pretty obvious people have wide and varying views. This I think is a good thing. Discussions about politics etc., I can understand being heated and very polar. However, when people here bring up history, facts, numbers, etc., how can there possibly be such a variation in viewpoints? History, facts, numbers should be singular and not plural. Why is there such huge disparity? Who...
Quote: Originally Posted by Verno Inferno I suggest that we treat the kids like kittens when you have to change food on 'em. Of course they aren't going to eat the new stuff at first, but eventually they're going to be hungry and learn they have no other option and learn to like it. The worst thing that could happen is these kids will go a week or two with a few less calories before they wisen up to the fact that the pizza man isn't making deliveries to...
Quote: "If you like the plan you are in you can keep it." 19 million Number of people predicted to lose their employer plan (Lewin Group) 8 to 9 million Number of people predicted to lose their employer plan (CBO) $11,543 Employer incentive to drop coverage for a $30,000 a year worker with family [Tax subsidy in the exchange minus tax subsidy at work minus $2,000 fine] (IRET) 8.5 million Number of seniors and disabled people at risk of losing their...
I was thinking of upgrading but then was looking at some of the prices. I have a cheap Wustof Gourmet 3" Paring knife that can't really hold an edge for too long but I been using for ages. I can give it a pretty nice edge but the metal is just too cheap to hold an edge for long. I was interested in the Misono but I dunno if I would want to pay that much for just paring knife. Seems like some of you here share the same sentiment.
Please throw in your suggestion for the best price/performance ratio paring knife. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Yes Maybe because there is no one single answer. Different people, different regions have different customs What is your question then? That's fine. I just want to start off with some examples. Tell me what were common dishes for dinner you had growing up in France.
Is there anyone here that actually is french and grew up in France? Most of these answers don't make sense from my understanding. Cheese would probably be as an after dinner thing. Obviously cheese can/would be incorporated in the cooked dishes but cheese alone is something eaten after dinner. I also understand that a salad would be served after the meal not before. However this is not what I am after. I want to learn more about common home cooked dishes.
Hi, Can someone tell me what a typical family in France would make and eat for dinner? Please also mention what would a nice sunday dinner would be.... I want to explore more then just haute cuisine.
I have a tiffany's sterling silver money clip. I don't have much problems with tarnishing if at all. I did at the beginning when I used to put my leather card case and the money clip in the same pocket though. Now I know that exposure to leather causes tarnish. Just google and you will see what aides in tarnishing. To me, leather, esp with magnets, stainless steel looks cheap but if you find one that looks elegant, all the more power to you.
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