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Where can I purchase Loakes from an English based retailer? They all seem to have restrictions on export to the US and Canada
Hi Gentlemen, With the pound at 30 yr lows against the dollar, I used to order shoes from Pediwear exclusively. Would ppl here please recommend other online stores that are trustworthy and perhaps have better prices for C&J? Thanks
Hi, please let me know when you will be sending out the email for all those that brought the bundle. Thanks!
In for bundle 1!
I received my second order from Gordon Yao and also had a chance to break in the first GY suit over the last couple of months. Here are my impressions: There should be no question that WWChan finishes the suit to a much higher degree in relation to GY. The buttonholes are so perfect on WWChan with every stitch of the buttonhole is in-line and evenly spaced. The pick stitching on the edges etc are far superior to GY but that is not to say GY is a slouch. GY is also...
Yes absolutely!A VBC 10/11oz at Gordon cost 9980HKD/$1280 US while the same fabric at Dream Bespoke is roughly 6800HKD/$880 US. $400 is nothing to sneeze at!. I have no clue what WWChan prices are now but I assume they are more then Gordon ever since they moved from Nathan Rd. to Central.
I used to use WWChan exclusively but this was the first time I visited HK and decided to try 2 highly recommended tailors, Dream Bespoke and Gordon Yao. So now I have three places to compare workmanship. In a few, I will post pics of the workmanship however I can start by comparing the three tailors. It's hard to compare them one on one because the Dream Bespoke and Gordon Yao was rush jobs based on my one and a half week stay in HK where as my WWChan suit was all...
Hi, I noticed an interesting shoe at Tommy.com http://usa.tommy.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/thb2cus/7827728?Color=ANTIQUE%20INDIGO Made with Vachetta Leather, seems like an interesting style. Would anyone have first hand knowledge of this boot and whether it's goodyear welted, what the soles look like, the lining, etc
For anyone that order from their March tour, did anyone not receive their order? I haven't received mines yet. I emailed them a few days ago and they haven't responded yet.
How does Venetian shoe work on calf leather, I am thinking of buying a tin and storing in a used shoe cream glass at work. I know how it's recommend for cordovan but how it is compared to say normal shoe creams. TIA
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