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Hi, I was part of the original crew that got in on your early bird special(briefcase, card case and portfolio). Would you offer early backer discounts on additional leather good purchases? Thanks
At the moment, I am eyeing the Camberley
Holy s**tMan, that is a collection to envy! I am not worthy. How many shoes do you have in total? Also may I ask, what profession are you in and how can I start?
Hi, I am comparing the shoes on offer on Crockett and Jones website. Can I order those models not listed on your website from you? Thanks
Yes Sir!!!!! Indeed the pound will become very close to parity with the dollar is the next few months
Many Thanks Carl. I have been waiting for the pound to drop. I had a 20% off coupon that seems to have expired this past week. Sigh
Hi, Does anyone have a working promo code for Herring Shoes? Thanks in Advance
Where can I purchase Loakes from an English based retailer? They all seem to have restrictions on export to the US and Canada
Hi Gentlemen, With the pound at 30 yr lows against the dollar, I used to order shoes from Pediwear exclusively. Would ppl here please recommend other online stores that are trustworthy and perhaps have better prices for C&J? Thanks
Hi, please let me know when you will be sending out the email for all those that brought the bundle. Thanks!
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