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does anyone know how to get their shoes like the ones on this website? http://www.linternaute.com/homme/mod...e-cuir/6.shtml I can't read it cause it's in french I think. I think they call that process glacage, how do I get my shoes like that?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel +1 Saks surprisingly has a wonderful Charvet collection, besting Bergdorf's. Charvet also makes the best silk knots, for those into them. I'm on a Matuozzo kick right now, got a few unlined, hand sewn tips coming. all of the Saks iv'e been to pail in comparison with Bergdorf's selection of Charvet
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Clooney and Pitt seem to pull it off nicely so why can't anyone else? Who would want to be Pitt or Clooney when you can be Foof?
Quote: Originally Posted by furo and get this: for the previous 8+ months before that, the SAs kept telling me that the "basics," i.e. the standard BB shirts in solid colors, NEVER go on sale. Heh. That is, until last december! I just picked up 3 basic shirts 1 Blue, 1 White, 1 Pink for $140 after the sale instead of the normal $199. Great deal
Does anyone else ever have the problem with Kiton ties that I mentioned in my above post?
I'm a suitcase noob but isn't one of the benefits to having a Rimowa or Halliburton it's security? That's kind of moot when traveling though because the airlines don't let you lock your suitcase correct?
are brioni and kiton suits and sports jackets included? they aren't on the list of exclusions. what about shirts and ties?
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot I just called BB and inquired about the create-your-own-shirt program. When you order 5 or more you normally get 20%. The SA confirmed that the 30% would be on top off the 20%. Nice! I thought the sale doesn't apply to the MTM program?
I forgot neiman's owns BG. BG wins hands down
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