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since when does Brioni have an Outlet at Woodbury? Is this a perminent store or just a special sale?
A question for all those Flat Front wearers: My suits all have pleats and I wear the pants on my natural waist. With Flat-Fronts do you wear them on your natural waist or down lower on your hips?
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley You only spent two hours looking for shoes online? You took it easy. It gets much worse than that. Tell me about it....after a few days of finding SF I went through EVERY page of the Shoe Damage Thread and looked at EVERY SHOE in the Shoe Pictorial Index.
I have the C&J Belgrave in Chestnut and wear it with my Charcoal and Navy suits all the time. I think it looks great.
Brown shoes go with every color suit except Black. Black shoes with Navy or Grey is boring and uninspired.
I've never been but if I were going I would check out the Charvet Flagship, it looks AMAZING:
Quote: Originally Posted by 888style Just says it all....... That shoe is amazing and so are Brogues.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Why is 1K for a blazer absurd, it's a relatively good price for high-priced items, no? When all you do is bargain hunt instead of buying what you really want you end up looking like a generic, second-rate IGent. +1 It's worth it if it fits well and you will use it.
HF quality is good for the price. It's obviously not on par with the higher end makers like Brioni, Kiton and Oxxford, but it beats the hell out of anything you can get at Macy's or a similar store. You can get them at a discount all the time for $400-$500. I have 4 HF suits got them all at the HF Outlets for around $500 each and I love them, all fully canvased and 10x better than the fused crap I used to wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smahatma +1 in my ever growing 348 collection Very nice. Whats the model on those?
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