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that tie is ugly
Quote: Originally Posted by gazman70k Here's pair #2 as part of the recent shoe shopping spree - RTW Corthay Wilfred in old wood calf and Parisian brown suede calf. This is my first foray into the world of spectators and I find the combination rather interesting, to say the least. These were made to the 002 last, which works better for me since the 001 last runs too long and narrow and the retailer didn't carry half sizes or any widths other than E....
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey What about flat feet in C&J? Some of the C&J lasts, like the 240, are high-arched (like the Alden Barrie). If your foot is flat enough, it feels like there is something under your foot, just forward the heel. Has anyone (besides jmonroestyle, who thinks some models of the 341 might work for flat feet) taken note of which C&J lasts are better for feet with high arches, and which lasts are better for flat...
I think if you don't live in new york and have the item shipped back to your home you don't have to pay it though, or you pay less tax. I've done this a couple of times.
I have the Belgraves and Weymouth and love them both. Of course their not as nice as EG's or Lobbs, but for $400 and change they are pretty hard to beat when the others are 2-3x more.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm What do people pay for "Chest" suppression? :-) can you get the chest taken in on a suit?
Both shoes are awesome, but the Vale in Chestnut Museum......
Charcoal or Navy Suit with light blue Shirt and Purple tie.
Out of these brands I only have C&J, but I like Lobb the best with EG in a close 2nd
Quote: Originally Posted by Miguel Alvarez They are Finamore mtm. Where is a good place to get Finamore near NYC and how much do they start at?
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