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Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. I need to go to Paris
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Going through my closet as I am putting a bunch of junk up for sale tonight and I realized that I have quite a bit of new clothing that I have never tailored/worn. One of the things that happens on this forum, I think, is that as you learn more and more, you get into an accumulation phase where you pick things up no so much for need but just because it was a great deal/forum groupthink/"a must have"/ etc etc. I now...
spiffy the knot in the last picture is MUCH better. Jacket doesn't seem as baggy either, although the sides could still come in to make it more tapered.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Your options suck. Get this instead I agree
does anyone know if their MTM shirts will be on sale?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.WAYWRN I would say more like Balki Bartokomous. Where is cousin Larry? that's just wrong
Spread Collar for me too
Quote: Originally Posted by talldesk Yeah, it's fun converting black shoes to other colors. I've converted a black AE Chester before. After Those are the most Badass pair of AE's I've ever seen! Awesome job.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I'm not a C&J fan and I do think that the quality of their shoes is not up to John Lobb standards for example... Everybody on Style Forum has different brands they favoured and we must respect that.. I do think that some OP are over-analizing everything and looking for the perfect shoe or suit... Most shoe will have a certain amount of little defaults (leather bubbles most likely) and none are perfect.. I do...
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Nice. I have been thinking of getting these too. They look really nice.
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