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I am somewhat new to the forum. I have been reading this site now for the last 6-8 months and have really been studying up on mens style. My situation is this: I have 5 suits right now: charcoal w/ thin stripes Black Navy w/gold stripes Grey /harvest wheat + blue stripes Brown pin-striped I am finding myself dressing up alot because of my business and I definetly need to upgrade my wardrobe. Over the next year I will have plenty of money on which do...
Why are most of the pictures not showing up? It says: "Hotlinking has been disabled for this domain. Visit imageshack.us for free image hosting with no watermarking or compression. Hotlinking ok No Signup. Imageshack.us Please help! It worked a couple days ago.
why are all the manton posts gone?
yeah i'm pretty sure you are the only one
there's a sale at Oxxford on 56th and 5th. 50% off most suits. They are clearing inventory for Spring. I looked at a few $3,000 ones marked down to $1,500. I wasn't expecting to buy anything otherwise I would have. A few really beautiful ones.
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