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for all the polishing experts out there, it was the Cream that changed the color on Xiaogou's shoe, not the wax most likely, correct? If you use a colored wax on the shoe and a neutral cream, would the color change where it gets rid of the museum finish still happen? I only have C&J's, but thats why I haven't used cream on them, because I've been afraid it will get rid of the antiquing. I have the Weymouth in Dark Brown, and belgrave in Chestnut, and I have only...
I haven't seen any RTW Brioni in less than Super 150's in at least the last 2 years. It seems like its 150's for the lower price range($4,800 or so) and 180's for the higher ones(over $6,000)
I am 6' 0", and every salesman at every store where i've tried on suits(Bergdorf, Barney's, Saks, Paul Stuart) they all put me in a 42L. They all say I'm right in the middle of no-mans land and either a 42R or 42 would work, but they all say the way the jacket lays on my torso looks better in a 42L. I did not know this when I got my first suit and I got a 42R. I then got 3 more suits of the same maker(HF) but I got them in a 42L. The 42R's the button stance is too...
I think most of them are Butt-Ugly. Some of them are ok with a casual outfit, but most aren't attractive at all.
Any other nice collections out there? (cough, cough.....paging Aportnoy)
depending on the last, if you are a 9.5US, you'll be either a 8.5 or 9UK most likely in a D width. You really want to try them on if possible. If you search the site there are numerous threads about C&J sizing questions.
Marcolianis are the best IMO.
those boots are awesome. wow
Quote: Originally Posted by theyare Saks: now 50% off lowest price ticketed price. Facconable: 60% off regular prices on a ton of spring/summer stuff. what is included in that Saks sale?
What does everyone find is the best surface to polish your shoes on? I use my kitchen counter, I just put some newspaper down. The problem is it can be a real pain when I want to use both hands to hold a cloth and buff my shoes because they end up flopping around. Does anyone use those stands that come on the top of some Shine Boxes like this: http://www.kiwishoeshine.com/pics/HR...e_box_wood.jpg I especially like to give the toes and heels of my shoes mirror...
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