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Quote: Originally Posted by kryn13 I always wear a square. Won't wear a jacket without one. Totally SF's fault. me too
Marcoliani OTC's for me.
for all the polishing experts out there, it was the Cream that changed the color on Xiaogou's shoe, not the wax most likely, correct? If you use a colored wax on the shoe and a neutral cream, would the color change where it gets rid of the museum finish still happen? I only have C&J's, but thats why I haven't used cream on them, because I've been afraid it will get rid of the antiquing. I have the Weymouth in Dark Brown, and belgrave in Chestnut, and I have only...
I haven't seen any RTW Brioni in less than Super 150's in at least the last 2 years. It seems like its 150's for the lower price range($4,800 or so) and 180's for the higher ones(over $6,000)
I am 6' 0", and every salesman at every store where i've tried on suits(Bergdorf, Barney's, Saks, Paul Stuart) they all put me in a 42L. They all say I'm right in the middle of no-mans land and either a 42R or 42 would work, but they all say the way the jacket lays on my torso looks better in a 42L. I did not know this when I got my first suit and I got a 42R. I then got 3 more suits of the same maker(HF) but I got them in a 42L. The 42R's the button stance is too...
I think most of them are Butt-Ugly. Some of them are ok with a casual outfit, but most aren't attractive at all.
Any other nice collections out there? (cough, cough.....paging Aportnoy)
depending on the last, if you are a 9.5US, you'll be either a 8.5 or 9UK most likely in a D width. You really want to try them on if possible. If you search the site there are numerous threads about C&J sizing questions.
Marcolianis are the best IMO.
those boots are awesome. wow
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