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My sister is getting married and I am trying to figure out if I should wear a Wing Collar or Turndown..... I am wearing a black tux with a black bow tie. What should my collar be??
does anyone know what type of sales to expect for the Day After Christmas in NYC this year? I know last year all the stores had their crazy sales after Thanksgiving, but usually you find the best deals after Christmas. Any word?
Am I imagining things or is that Randy Jackson in the first pic?
I have 3 and mine tie wonderful FIH's as well. The knots on my Charvets consistently are the best of any of my other ties.
Doesn't Marinella make their ties? Isn't that what they are famous for, or do they only make the Bespoke? Not RTW?
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I'd definitely drop by Marinella and ask to see their larger store. I didn't buy anything last time I was there, but it's a nice shop and fun to browse through. Do they have two stores in Naples?
Quote: Originally Posted by Szeph el ratón Pic looks awkward. But so does every picture I take IWC Portuguese. Thats what I'm saving for. Well done
I think it's the cream that changes the color most of the time not the wax
Quote: Originally Posted by kryn13 I always wear a square. Won't wear a jacket without one. Totally SF's fault. me too
Marcoliani OTC's for me.
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