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Does anyone know the details yet for the BB day after Christmas sale? What time the store opens, if theres an extra percentage off before a certain hour, etc? Im going to manhatten that day but also want to make some reservations to eat at norma's, and dont know what time. Haha Thanks
yeah, i was just wondering what people who have ordered them usually pay in duties for a pair. also does anyone know what forms of payment they take(visa, amex, mastercard)? i heard you get a discount paying cash? also can i get a VAT refund from vass? any help is greatly appreciated, as i am a vass newb. thanks
the only thing is they might not have the size/style i want, so im going off the assumption they wont have it and i will need to get them MTO... any experiences...
what is everyone's experience with customs charges. i live in connecticut and im going to budapest next week. i want to get a pair of vass but avoid the $300 fee, what are the best options?
what is everyone else's experience with custom charges? I live in Connecticut and im going to budapest next week to hopefully get a pair of vass. I'm anticipating them not having my size in stock so they will probably have to make them. I dont want to get stuck with $300 dollar customs charge though. what are everyone's experiences and what are my options?
Those are gorgeous! are there 3 pairs of shoes there or 2? the bottom 2 look like the same models but different colors...what is the bottom color? , I think thats the pair I want.
Ok guys I need help. I've read ever page of this thread and came to one conclusion....I need some Vass! Im going to Budapest next month so im definitely going to visit the store. What can I expect? Ive heard they dont have a big selection, and my feet are an 11UK so they probably wont have lots of stuff in my size to choose from. Question 1: How much do the shoes in the F and U lasts cost? Question 2: Will the be able to measure my foot and order the model I like in...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria .. I missed it.....why is Vox's post gone?? I want to see his collection!
Quote: Originally Posted by The Thin Man Manton's excellent speech covers all of the bases. this is a great article....is there on describing night-time formal attire?? I really could use one as I am in a wedding in 2 months, we are wearing tuxes
thanks for the input everyone, it seems turndown it is....does it matter that im wearing a tux with Peak Lapels?
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