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I'm sure someone else would post the same thing if I didn't. Jacket should be buttoned at all times when standing. Never button the bottom button. In a three button suit you can also just button the middle button. So the buttons should be buttoned: (Sometimes) Always Never (with sometimes removed in a two button) When sitting, jacket should generally be unbuttoned.
My newest suit is a Red-Line and I'd say probably offers about an 6"/8"ish drop. It's quite a slim cut as well in terms of the trousers. I normally wear/measure at around 40", ended up with a 38", 40" was too boxy round the waist for me (as well as slightly too long in the arms, and I'm 6'2"). Trousers are 6" below marked size (but again maybe come up a touch larger). Worth noting though that I'm not sure if they do the S/R/L of the red line, I think the just do...
Depending on the exact jeans you ordered, some denim comes in only one length. Indeed this is very common for 'Raw' and enthusiast denim. You generally have 3 options, cuffing (rolling up the ends, up to your desired length and will show off any selvedge), stacking (where you let the bottom ripple around the bottom end of your leg) or hemming (as has been suggested already). I would note that if you do get them hemmed, then they may not be able to finish it like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum It looks kinda cheap, though is far from the worst thing about those shoes. Heh, they look nicer in person/on the foot. Well a bit. I can understand why you think they look a bit cheap, probably because most expensive ones look like they are built like battleships :-) Maybe it's all in my head. Thanks for the pointers Xenon, I think I'm going to look at some of the lasts you suggested.
Ok, well to give you some kind of an idea, I'm currently wearing a pair similar to these http://www.oliversweeney.com/shoes-a...rombglblk.html I bought mine a year or so ago, so I'm not sure whether that's the exact model. They look a bit nicer in person. Honest. In any case, you should be able to see that they kind of taper a bit towards the end/side.
Thanks for the pointers Xenon, I think you may be correct that I'm used to/like the look of Blake stitched shoes. Could well be then that most of the more pricey ones/classic shoes will be like that. I thought that when you/people on SF talked about sleekness/chiselling NORE they were referring to the profile as viewed from above rather than from the side (as in the toe box is boxy). I could be wrong, if so, what's being referred to here?
Just an update. I popped into Stephan's shirts on Saturday on the off chance Erland he was around, but was informed that he'd taken the day off. Reassuringly the guy running the shop suggested that I should probably talk to Erland if I'd not ordered from them before, so I'll be popping back in due course. Incidentally, I had a walk around and I'm starting to see and recognise names of shops/brands that I hadn't noticed before starting on SF. I've read some...
Hello again SF, My last question was answered by a very helpful person knowledgeable in the city in which I live, as this is a more general question I hope to be similarly informed by the good people of SF. I'm looking for some new shoes, and have spent a while looking at various makers shoes both here, elsewhere online and in person (I live in London). I have an issue though in that I don't seem to be a huge fan of the more traditional-looking shoes,...
Many thanks Whippingboy, I was worried that my post may have dropped into obscurity over the UK night (and US day). You are indeed completely correct that my build should not have any impact on MTM, I had initially intended to ask about slim-fitting OTR shirts as well but decided to try and stop my question wondering from the point. I guess I'll be popping into Stephan Shirts then!
Thanks for sharing, I've been looking for a tailor in London and since I don't think I know anyone in the flesh that has ever used a tailor it's invaluable to get recommendations (I'm not going to be taking my suits to the local dry-cleaners for "adjustments").
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