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Quote: Originally Posted by celeste_pista sutor? santoni? sf? anyone have experience with this line that could comment on construction? Pure beauty!!
Quote: Originally Posted by stinsonbass I agree! The one thing is obvious but the latter is just ridiculous Nevertheless I believe that there are more elegant ways to dress for a woman than wearing men suits.
@gshen the jacket looks terrific! I cannot see a difference from here in the jackets made in England. Maybe you could post some more pics of the inside? Regards
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow In a hurry today. Haven't had time to look at other fits, unfortunately. Played with my camera outside a little. Here's my entry: Still a little cold for loafers without socks, but I'm not a pussy, unlike UC. Love the style! Excellent choice of fabric and color.
Really gorgeous pictures you have taken! Also lovely atmosphere there. Good job!
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