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Hi Guys, This is just a general ? for all involved. Now I have moved from Sydney Australia This is where I was back out into the bush about 300 kms from Sydney This is where I am now Now if I moved out into the outta Suburbs I would be living near all the Junkies in Sydney and that is what I do not want at all. Now for some reason I love the country Life as its so laid back and shit. I dont know why I but even my parents wondered when I would move back to the Country...
Hi Mike, The only jeans that I wear and bare in mind that I live in Sydney Australia are KEPPERS and they are light but they can also be worn as Dress Pants or Casual Pants. But living in Australia I have no idea what you are saying of - and in the 60- neighborhood - If you are able to help me understand the USA Lingo it would be much appreciated. Heckle
I have a mate that owns an Audi A4 and he has bought a Lemon... Now with the BMW I think you will be better of as they are not Turbo and they will last you longer than what an Audi A4 will these days. Heckle
Well I must say man that to is disgusting of them.... I live in Sydney Australia and when I can watch Cable TV I like to watch the US sports and one of them is the BB. Now for them to go on Strike shits me as it stuffs up the whole comp... Now one of our main sports over here is the Rugby League and one of our teams the Bulldogs (i support them) are accused of going over there sallary cap of $1.5m per year. They have been accused of going over it and if they have they...
Heya Guys, Me is new here but I have looked at this website for music and I can tell you now that I think its the bomb for Undergound sorts music. Pulse
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