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I too have a sizing question. I tried on some fifth avenue's today (7.5D) everything fit pretty snug besides the laced up area. I was wondering if it'd become more comfortable after the shoe is broken into. Once broken in, would there be a little more room to breathe?
Wouldn't an unlined jacket become very delicate seeing that you can easily damage the inseams
No cashmere for men as of yet.
Seeing that i'm on the market for my first pair of dress shoes and i'm only 19, do you think it'd wise for me to invest in a pair of park avenues? With a business major, i'd be dressing up a lot so a pair of park avenues will come in handy.
Still selling saddleback leather thin medium chestnut briefcase because ebay bidder fell thru. Feel free to msg me here or on SuFu.
The reassurance of quality should be enough. Dave not only boasts the indestructibility of the product, he also guarantees it with a hundred year warranty. Buying a saddleback may be costly at first but without the need to buy a new bag, you'll be saving for years to come. Simply buy one bag and never have to buy another.Apart from saddleback, some SF members consider customhide bags as an alternative. But after several year, you may need to replace it cause of wear and...
I'm curious as to what you think about this
Well i've got a saddleback leather thin medium chestnut briefcase that fits well into your budget. I won't need to tell you about quality because it is simply top notch. This bag will more than fit your needs
NYC soho has added sweatshirts, pullover sweatshirts and trench coats. Uniqlo jeans have also been added but i believe thats kinda old news.
The series is worth watching. Its up to episode 5 and the story is just unfolding but i feel like it will begin to get repetitive. Lawyer receives a case, underestimates its difficulty, runs into obstacle, and by the end, epiphany to solve all their problems.
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