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Is there ever an official announcement for the in-store sale or you simply have to stumble upon it? I've heard that you can give your number to Dior and they'll call you when the sale is up but i'm not sure if that applies to Burberry as well.
+1 awesome photoshop skills, luckily i can still return it so i'll save myself the trouble and look elsewhere for another jackets, thanks for the input tho.
looks a lot like this one but it's overall fit is not as form fitting
Bought a cheap synthetic leather jacket from uniqlo for cheap. Excuse the poor quality of the photos. Only had yellow lighting. Is this jacket oddly shaped or too short? I'm not pleased with the flare on the hem.
Here's a close up picture of the fabric, Is this more of a casual suit than formal because the quality of the fabric?
Excuse me for asking but what is the always sometimes never rule?And can anyone familiar with tasmanaian wool please shed some light.
The jacket is a size medium and the pants is a 29. Would this be acceptable in a work environment (ex. internship)?
Since i'm new and inexperienced with suits, i would like to ask for some advice on my recent purchase. I'm going to become a sophomore in college and will be needing a suit. Lucky for me, i came across uniqlo as they were rolling out their new fall line up. I purchased a tasmanian wool blend suit with a friend's employee discount($107). Is anyone knowledgeable about the quality of tasmanian wool blends? I've done some searches and have come up with nothing but fluff...
8D is too long.It is only a little tight at the vamp area. Unfortunately, i neglected to get myself measured, the sales associate simply suggested in getting a wider shoe, (7.5E rather than D). I Figured she just tied the shoes too tight. The toe box and heel feel comfortable.
I've gotta say i've run the same course as you however i've yet to move onto flattering tops because of my gut. Currently focused on buying form flattering clothes with precise fit.
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