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Just popped into my mind, as i was browsing through jackets. What are some winter jackets a respectable wardrobe would have? Seeing that winter is only in a matter of months, and stores are going to be rolling in their fall/winter merchandise, this would be a good way to share ideas on what to pick up this year. What are some outfits, or tips you use to keep warm? Feel free to post up pictures.
Here some pictures from my ebay listing of my saddleback leather bag, i really dont want to be parting with the bag but its not practical for my needs. apologizes for the oversized pictures but i had my brother upload them for me. Funding will go towards a new bag. Possibly the Lotuff and Clegg english briefcase.
Saddleback leather medium thin briefcase,&navCount=215&navAction=jump&color=&pushId=M_NEWARRIVALS&popId=MENS&prepushId=&selectedProductSize= thoughts?
Seems as if the arms on the dr are a little baggy at that angle.
Men's cashmere v neck sweaters are in.
Do you all feel as if it is inevitable to avoid buying bad clothes until you're truly enlightened? It seems like the low tier retail business is built on people not knowing anything about clothes. I feel as if each purchase i made was a necessary step to push me that much more towards an acceptable/respectable wardrobe. But maybe that's just me.
i wouldnt suggest it, i believe its a lame attempt to make affordable and cheap raw denim.
+1 for the excellent tweed suit Ich_Dien.
excuse me for my mistake, i meant to ask if the suit was more casual because of the look of the fabric. Seeing that it looks a little fuzzy/hairy, my friend was telling me he would regard it as a casual suit rather than formal one.
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