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any notable suggestions for places to find a nice wool peacoat? Looks like i'm in the safe zone. edit: forgot to mention this is in reference to the coming hurricane.
I was in Manhattan at the time and i didnt even realize there was an earthquake this i got phone calls from loved ones.
Since i'm in college i'm looking for a more mordern look for the average student. My main concern is actually the vachetta leather they use. Apparently, it gets softer over time, would that the bag will break down quickly and force me to buy another bag? On a side note, would it be more practical idea to get a business bag rather than a modern one? I will eventually venture into a corporate job and was hoping i could use this leather bag for the typical day at the office...
i came across this coach messenger bag and was wondering if it'd be worth getting. I have a friend who works at coach who can hook me up with a discount so it may be worth while. However, coach leather quality is not spectacular, any thoughts?
The length of the jacket seems a little too short as well. It does not seem like it'll cover your rear completely.
I disagree, i believe H&M has exceptional mens clothing...
uniqlo is selling them for only $29.90
I'd also like to offer a proxy service for sf members. Although i dont exactly know how it works, i'll make it happen. Pm me with requests and i'll try to get back to you.
Anyone have experience with the dry colored packaged tee's and with it's shrinkage? Does it shrink a lot cause i'm looking into gettting a few and have to plan accordingly with the sizing...
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