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Uniqlo typical does not sell tank tops, saw some deoderant mesh ones for the summer but they werent that nice. As for getting some basics, ex. packaged t shirts, it depends if you're lucky. Unless your a big guy, you probably wont find shirts your size because xs and occasionally smalls are not in stock.
Please excuse the poor quality bb camera. For what i paid, i could not be more pleased.
haha, Uniqlo would be a good investment however i don't think they do any franchising. Every store is owned internally.
Is it any better than the one from last year?And has anyone tried on their +J dress shirts, i notice the length is approximately where the sleeves end. Would you still be able to tuck these shirts or are they just long enough to leave untucked?
I have a Brand New Red Ralph Lauren hoodie (size Large) i bought last year for sale. Its new with tags and have never been worn. Accepting paypal and will ship anywhere within US.
I cant wait to cop a wool pea coat and a +j down parka. Missed out on them last year. And a question about +j suits. The "flannel" suits implies that they'll probably be thick and intended for the winter right?
Thanks for the reply, I ordered from the official site and used a coupon code for 50% off, can a mako be had for any cheaper than $107.50? None the less, i'm eagerly waiting for it's arrival.
anyone got testimonies about the orient mako before i place an order for one?
The overall fit does look better. Lapels do seem a little thin though. Would get more accurate advice if you had better lighting.
Not sure if they're sf approved but uniqlo hoodies are always a top seller. i'm also happy to offer you a proxy if needed.
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