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I'm considering getting a friend a briefcase before he starts work in the spring. As a corporate professional, i want to get him something conservative and as well as something slightly fashionable. I've been considering Would tabacco suffice ?
The brown looks much better in person however, i doubt they have any left in SoHo. There will be more available when the 5th ave store opens this friday (10/14)
I personally thought the premium wool pants felt kinda cheap and thin but that may be my lack of experience thinking.
any thoughts on the quality of the premium wool suits? I believe the jacket feels acceptable but the pants are too cheap.
i think are still selling that same peacoat in the store and it goes for much less ...
I'm looking for a pair of Dior 19cm Raw MIJ Size 29. Could be black or indigo. Looking for a new or newish condition.
If anyone is looking for a size S tweed +j blazer, in brown i'm looking to sell mine for retail + shipping. I was so stoked when i got it however its a little small on me If you're interested shoot me a pm.
Was debating on which wool jacket will be better for me in the long run. As a college student ready to move into a corporate environment, would a peacoat be better suited than a duffle coat? Here are my choices,
haha +1
In addition, would a navy +j flannel suit be interview and work appropriate? I had a friend tell me the slight fuzziness of the suit makes it more casual than formal.
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