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I personally thought the premium wool pants felt kinda cheap and thin but that may be my lack of experience thinking.
any thoughts on the quality of the premium wool suits? I believe the jacket feels acceptable but the pants are too cheap.
i think are still selling that same peacoat in the store and it goes for much less ...
I'm looking for a pair of Dior 19cm Raw MIJ Size 29. Could be black or indigo. Looking for a new or newish condition.
If anyone is looking for a size S tweed +j blazer, in brown i'm looking to sell mine for retail + shipping. I was so stoked when i got it however its a little small on me If you're interested shoot me a pm.
Was debating on which wool jacket will be better for me in the long run. As a college student ready to move into a corporate environment, would a peacoat be better suited than a duffle coat? Here are my choices,
haha +1
In addition, would a navy +j flannel suit be interview and work appropriate? I had a friend tell me the slight fuzziness of the suit makes it more casual than formal.
Uniqlo typical does not sell tank tops, saw some deoderant mesh ones for the summer but they werent that nice. As for getting some basics, ex. packaged t shirts, it depends if you're lucky. Unless your a big guy, you probably wont find shirts your size because xs and occasionally smalls are not in stock.
Please excuse the poor quality bb camera. For what i paid, i could not be more pleased.
New Posts  All Forums: