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Yeah. Thought it was kind of fucked up.These looks amazing... http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2axz0a_le-veloute-de-legumes-d-hiver-d-alain-passard_lifestyle?start=98 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x22j5fa_le-croque-ratatouille-joue-de-la-mandoline_lifestyle http://www.lepoint.fr/invites-du-point/alain-passard/la-fricassee-de-legumes-d-hiver-d-alain-passard-03-01-2015-1893690_571.php
How do you feel about this one, Russ? http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2cwnh0_alain-passard-the-chicken-duck-duo-s-recipe_lifestyle
Anyone know where I can buy alkerm├ęs in the US? ..nvm found it at Corti Bros.
Anyone have a good time/temp for sous vide quail ballotine stuffed with foie gras and a chicken mousse? Making one without a recipe..
We don't in CT. Even independent butchers don't carry them. NYC, I'm sure you can find them.
I buy wings from a farm in Pennsylvania. It is one of the few places I know that sell the whole wing, tip and all, as opposed to what you find in most supermarkets, which are "buffalo" style, already chopped. I make stock with them and feet, but only use this stock as the base to sauces. For soups, cooking vegetables, risotto and the like, I simply use the carcasses of whole birds, which I break down, including their wings (save the joint closest to the breast) and the...
Spinach and herb cannelloni
When I was working steady at the fish market last summer I'd eat about 1/4lb of those every morning for breakfast after I ended my shift, usually from 4am until 8:30. Being around fish seems to put one in the mood to eat them.
New Posts  All Forums: