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9:30/10 would work best. Keep them wrapped in a paper towel in a mason jar or other sealed container in the coldest part of your fridge. Change the towel daily if not using right away.
325 W 38st.
I'm picking them up in midtown. Really the best is to meet and get them as soon as possible, as FedEx will have them sit for 12 hours in a facility at God knows what temperature, even with an ice pack, it is not the best. It's still an option, but if there is a way we can agree on a location, I think it would be ideal.
I'll be in the city Wednesday morning. I can meet somewhere if it isn't too far out of my way, otherwise I can have them shipped to you if you let me know what you want by tomorrow.
It was an 11g piece around 24 dollars. I'll have a new shipment on Wednesday..
It was one small truffle.
Foie gras ravioli with white truffles from Alba
I have the best quality truffles in the market at the moment. White alba in various sizes, as well as Burgundy. Prices are very reasonable. PM me if interested.
Pumpkin risotto with confit pigeon legs and smoked bacon
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