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Utilized the other side of the sole to make a sandwich to bring camping..breaded and fried in clarified butter, tartar sauce and some sorrel..made a hell of a breakfast..
Old favorite
Definitely more intense than strawberry tree fruit. Different texture, too. They have quite a few seeds, so practice caution while consuming.
Kousa fruit from the kousa dogwood (Japanese dogwood) tree. Common tree planted for ornamental/landscape purposes; few seem to realize the fruits are edible. I would describe their flavor as a combination of strawberry, peach and mango.
Thanks. I do like bright images (seems a bit more engaging/alive, for me at least). I don't think this one is overly exposed-the lighting was tough in that shot (position of sun), and I wanted to brighten it enough to show the features in the shepherd's face, yet keep the contrast/outline of the mountains in the background. I never digitally saturate, but sometimes the colors are off; I've notice a variance on different monitors. I edit them on my phone, so they're never...
Matt, is that you!?
Eat em if you see em
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