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Stuffed wild grape leaves..what a treat
Recipe: INGRÉDIENTS (6 PERSONNES) Préparation de la pâte sablée 300 g de farine 200 g de beurre 100 g de sucre glace 1 œuf 1 pincée de sel Préparation de la garniture de la tourte 50 g de raisin secs de Corinthe 2 cl de marc de raisin 2 cl de rhum 3 bottes de blettes jeunes 1 œuf 50 g de parmigiano Reggiano râpé 1 filet d’huile d’olive 75 g de pignons 40 g de cassonade 1 citron de Menton confit 3 zestes de citron râpés 1 jus de citron 200 g de pommes sauvages 18 fleurs...
Oh, Russ, looks like I'll be in California the month of January. Let's plan a lunch or dinner!
Ducasse. His recipe calls for currants soaked in rum. I've been finding incredible wild black cherries, so I used those instead. It was actually one of the most delicious things I've eaten.
Nick, all of that looks sensational. Your plating is clean and focused. I would be happy to eat every dish.
The above: Lamb tagine with some of the last zucchini from my garden. Sweet swiss chard tourte filled with wild apples, wild black cherries, pine nuts and zucchini blossoms. This was extraordinary; complexity and layer of flavors like a fine wine.
The vinaigrette was really fantastic, and worth noting. From memory, the recipe is as follows: Slice half of a small onion and a nice piece of ginger finely, add to a saucepan along with half of a hot chili, 3 crushed garlic cloves, and a stalk of lemongrass. Add 250ml of orange juice, 35ml of lime juice, 35ml of lemon juice, 25ml of rice vinegar, 60g of sugar, and a few drops of fish sauce. Bring to the boil, reduce by half, strain, let chill. Add around 30 g of ketchup...
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