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Partially, yes. Heavily salted water and rapid cooking help as well. Also, the fresher the vegetable, the brighter its color.
It took me a little while to realize just how long asparagus need to chill through completely after cooking--jumbo ones, in particular. As you say, 5-10 minutes is about right.
Thanks. The larger green are quite tender and can be eaten without peeling, as opposed to whites, which are much more fibrous, and must be peeled. Again, it could be an issue of quality. These were very fresh; their texture was fantastic. I cooked them in heavily salted, boiling water for about 5 or 6 minutes, just until a cake tester could pierce the bottom of the heads with very little resistance, then finished in butter. It was the best dish of asparagus I've prepared...
t3hg0suazn, you might just have older beans. The young ones should slip out after about 30 seconds in boiling water. As they mature, or if they are not particularly fresh, the skin starts to cling a bit more.
They don't take that long to shell. Or are you referring to peeling the beans from their skins? A quick blanch and they pop right out. Or, you can peel with a knife, if you have nothing better to do.
Fava bean soup Potato gnocchi with artichokes
Peeled, sliced and sweated in sugar for a few hours. The juices get reduced to make a syrup to coat the tart with. Delicious. Here's the recipe..(I finished mine some fresh almonds for the texture)INGRÉDIENTS250 g de farine25 g de sucre en poudre125 g de beurre doux1 jaune d'œuf1 pincée de sel1 kg de tiges de rhubarbe1 gousse de vanille25 cl de lait entier1 œuf entier + 1 jaune160 g de sucreSucre glace2 c. à s. de confiture de rhubarbe (facultatif)PRÉPARATIONFaites...
21cm in diameter.
I made this a few nights ago..super simple rhubarb tart. Rhubarb is so very delicious.
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