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The purple (dark opal) basil is in the blackberry marmalade inside the tarts. The basil on top is another opal variety. The leaves are a mossy green, tinged with purple. I can't remember the exact name. I planted 7 or so different varieties this season.
Wild blackberry and purple basil tarts
Wild blackberries. So delicious.
Nice bird, Russ.
Not a fan. I found some porcini and black trumpets in the forest yesterday..
Thanks.1. tempura zucchini blossoms2. striped bass with artichokes and borage3. paella4. striped bass tartare5. stuffed zucchini blossoms6. striped bass with artichokes and arugula7. striped bass with crushed striato de Napoli zucchini..Cheers.
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