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You, most likely, are not.
"Royale" refers to a custard preparation. It is chicken livers, bone marrow, milk and eggs. The truffles came from my freezer, but the Australian season just started last week.
Giant pasta with cockles and confit tomatoes
Chives. What part of California are you in?
I get mine through here. It's a husband and wife that make and bottle it. The turmeric is OK, the ginger is exceptional. Kind of expensive. I just buy it wholesale by the case. http://www.shop.champagnetea.com/
I'm not quite sure what you mean by "hassle". I drink a glass in the morning, and I am ready to go. I have mine flavored with ginger from Hawaii. Also, a bit of bacteria does the body well.
I tend to feel better drinking it than when I drink coffee. More constant energy, less of a crash. I suppose you may feel differently. You just have to find someone who is making it, or make it yourself. The stuff sold at stores is generally not very good..
Switch to kombucha.
Halibut, wild garlic sauce
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