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The strawberries in my garden right now are the best strawberries I have tasted.
I heard Alleno was tried in the World Court when he made that dish.
It was on the menu for Christmas at Le Meurice a few years ago. Makes sense to choose sous vide as the cooking method, since it is really the best way to infuse and transmit flavors. I usually use a 14/15 dollar bottle of Cotes du Rhone for cooking with red. There's a great Ducasse recipe that has you reduce three bottles to make the sauce.
I tried it with a not so inexpensive bottle of Chambertin. I would make it again. It is a delicious dish. But next time I would use a 12 dollar bottle. Once it's been flambéed and heated, it loses most of its aroma, and since it is used only for poaching the wine coats only the very exterior of the foie gras, so is nearly impossible to appreciate or distinguish the quality of the wine. It just adds a nice bitter note and flavor which works well against the foie gras and...
Only if they were flash frozen with liquid nitrogen while still on the tree.I get mine here. They are worth the shipping charge, because I cannot get quality anywhere near them in any retail stores around here. California probably has a better market, though.http://www.earthy.com/Fresh-Chestnuts-from-Earthy-Delights.aspx
They are pretty simple to do in the deep fryer. Just create an incision through the equator of each nut with a paring knife and fry for 1 to 2 minutes at 280F. It depends too on the freshness of the chestnuts, and their age. The younger ones I get from Michigan are pretty easy to peel, even when raw.
It's a good one. Last time I made it according to my photo archive was 2 years ago. With a salad and a glass of wine, it makes a nice meal.
Confit of chestnuts, walnuts, fennel and onions
That looks a little bit heavy. I ate sashimi tonight. The prawns were very sad in comparison to the ones Urasawa kills and serves you 20 seconds later.
I don't think Whole Foods is required to sell fillets of fish that have been pin-boned, or are somehow obligated by any consumer law or regulation that requires them to advertise the presence or absence of pin-bones. If there is a guideline for this, I am not aware of it. It probably falls under the category of expecting (or hoping) there is a competent person working behind the counter that will notify the customer of the presence of bones, and/or offer to pin-bone it for...
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