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Black sea bass with porcini and romaine lettuce
Lobster cooked over a wood fire, grilled porcini and potatoes Porcini risotto
Poularde with artichokes, morels and fava
My car stinks of lobster. I think the juices leaked out of a bag of 12 pounds of heads.
You'd probably be better off making a sort of tuile batter with a reduced lobster stock and then brushing with mixed coral after it's baked, then place under the broiler to color it red.
Why? It's good for making sauces that need body, but without any overpowering flavor from a brown veal stock or jus. Ducasse uses it a lot for simmering fish heads and making gelées. I guess you could use a chicken stock made with wings and feet too, but this is much more gelatinous.
That's a nice idea. Maybe we should try it.
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