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I've made green dough two ways: the aforementioned, which does not require cooking the greens, and by blanching and pureeing. I prefer the raw version. Crushing simply allows for the most thorough incorporation of the greens into the dough. The dough I made above uses about 15g each of spinach and arugula to 200g of flour and around 8 egg yolks. Adding one yolk to the crushed greens will help fix the chlorophyl.
I recommend those fortunate to have access to fresh morels to try this dish. Make a fresh pasta dough, adding some arugula and spinach crushed in a mortar and pestle, roll to the thinnest setting and cut into rounds. Boil for 1 minute, then transfer to a pan and glaze with the cooking juices from some asparagus and morels. Place a spoon of thinned asparagus puree on the plate, then a round of pasta, then some asparagus and morels, some more puree, then another round of...
Dabbling in the art of spatchcockery
Black bass steak with girolles
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