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Chestnut Soup Salad of brussels sprouts and chicken innards
Are you on Monsanto's payroll?
I very seldom eat grains. My mother made a farro salad with chickpeas on Sunday, and I've eaten it the past few days, but it really disrupted my digestion and gave me stomach cramps. It's a shame, because I really enjoy those kinds of things when they are made well--this was delicious--and it is a convenient lunch, but I'm really no longer interested in the physical reaction I experience when I consume them. I do however throw away these concerns in the case of making a...
They use GMO soy in their cereals, which is not good for your insides and best to avoid.
Thanks. It was actually my favorite of the two, although the soup was delicious. I blanched the chard until tender, yet slightly crisp, shocked in ice, drained and reheated in olive oil with a clove of garlic stuck to the cooking fork. Fleur de sel, black pepper and a little seasoning olive oil, then drained on a towel. Plated, grated some parmesan, then coated with a veal jus mixed with the pulp of a roasted lemon and olive oil. It was about as satisfying as eating a...
Did you read Liebrandt's?
Chestnut soup with celery and foie gras Swiss chard with roasted lemon and parmesan
Broccoli soup Escarole salad
CT. They've been fruiting consistently all year long, but the last fruit always seems to be the best.
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