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Lobster Caesar salad Penne with asparagus
Ducasse's Grand Livre
Asparagus, sauce mousseline Artichoke risotto
I have an 87% positive feedback record on craigslist.
I think you'd enjoy them. Similar flavor and texture as artichokes, much less prep required. PM me your shipping info and I'll send some out this week.
While on the subject, would anyone here like some free salsify? I have a box sitting in my fridge that I simply won't be eating. They are from Belgium and they are a delicious vegetable to cook sous vide. I can USPS to all 48 contiguous states.
Well, perhaps I'll get into the pre-trimmed, pre-cooked, packaged artichoke business.
Yes, no need for wine either since you gain the acidity from the sorrel. Just braise the carrots, once the cooking juices are syrupy, add in the sorrel and toss to lightly wilt.
I've been eating artichokes every day for I think about 2 weeks.
Fried artichokes with lemon Cocotte of baby fava beans, artichokes and new potatoes
New Posts  All Forums: