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Yeah. Cherries. Cooked in butter/sugar, with a vanilla bean and some red wine. Cooked until syrupy. Just ate them like that after dinner with a spoon of creme fraiche and basil. Delicious.
Nice! Been finding tons of them around here. Also blackberries. Just got back from a walk and have about 2 pounds.
Strozzapreti with peas
Classic vinaigrette. Dijon, red wine vinegar, sherry vinegar, olive oil. The herbs provide enough sweetness, so I opted against balsamic.
Thanks. Let's see, off the top of my head: mizuna arugula mustard greens tatsoi red leaf lettuce green leaf lettuce romaine red sorrel green sorrel green basil purple basil marjorm savory chives chervil dill mint lemon balm lovage and their buds cilantro and their flowers zucchini flowers borage Might be missing a few things. I have also been made aware the berries above are in fact black raspberries. Tonight, vegetable tourte..
For what it's worth, these are the best blackberries I've ever eaten: very juicy/deep, rich flavor, similar to a mulberry. I stumbled upon a huge patch of them yesterday, enough to fill both my pockets (luckily I was wearing gym shorts). Both of my thighs were completely stained purple after the fact.
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