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The beauty is in its spirals.
Cauliflower with olives
You obviously haven't heard of the most recent manufactured alien hoax. How unfortunate.
Manton, tell me what you think about the former scientist Boyd Bushman at Lockheed Martin's deathbed confession in regards to the happenings in Area 51?
I could only find one place near where I was staying. I had gone to the aquarium earlier in the day and built up an appetite.
It was also near impossible to find a restaurant selling fresh sardines in Monterey. I think the Fiat is a great car for all the twists and turns. It was surprisingly powerful.
I did not spend enough time there to form any sort of opinion. From what I experienced (mostly Matt's kitchen) it was great.
That drive through Castroville is great. The whole drive from San Fran to LA on the PCH is really breathtaking. By far, the favorite part of my trip in April..
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