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I was thinking of something for after dessert. Maybe a wild peppermint patty.
Someone gave me some dried wild mint. It smells very nice. What can I do with it?
I sell you one rouget for 10 dollar, and another for 30. Which one you buy?
Rouget de Roche stuffed with swiss chard
I went back to get more this morning and they said the season was over. David was not there. I think the crawfords were $6/lb. got some very nice nectarines that were $7!! Best stone fruit at that market, I think.
Baby Crawford peaches. Most expensive, but most delicious, peach I've had.
It really depends on the amount of butter in the pan. I would say start with a quarter of a cup, and judge it based on appearance. You want a good bit of parsley dispersed throughout.
Be sure to let me know the next time you have such a production. I'll be sure to help out.
Yeah. It was great. I've had tamales with weird texture, but this one was perfect. The horchata was good, but I had better at Los Agave.
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