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Yeah, that was my first reference. Do you think an asparagus soup would work well with the Chardonnay? Or maybe fava? I usually like making a soup.
You read my mind. I love buffalo taleggio. Thanks for the help on this, guys, it seemed right up your alley. I think I'll make a pappardelle with braised rabbit shoulder. I'll probably use morels for the veal marsala, which happens to be one of the first dishes I learned to cook.
Funny, my first thought was to switch out duck for rabbit. I'll make the suggestion. Thanks.
OK, cool. Thoughts on this? Italian themed menu I've been asked to make, with wine pairings.."Scallops as from my birthday 2005 Gaja Chardonnay "Rossj Bas"a RosPasta with duck ragu and dark chocolate accent as from Fideli Scalini 2007 Casanova di Neri Tunata NueveVeal Scaloppini with Marsala and mushrooms 1997 Casanova di Neri Tunata NueveCheese selection 2007 SolaiaTiramisu"
Any tips on tiramisu? I have been summoned to make one.
I've bought all of my plates at a store in CT called Hoagland's. As far as shopping online, ehkay can probably help you. He buys more plates than I.
I credit my perseverance to the desire to learn, the acceptance of making mistakes, and the lack of a girlfriend.
Shucks. Thanks, Matt.
Good times, indeed. Forthright critique is the surest catalyst for progress!
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