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I gave this a little more thought. Simply put, it is because I cook well that I can plate well. What is seen is the result of skill and technique developed from repetitive trial, error, and reflection. The order of the surface elements is a mirror to the order of a technical mastery; Matt is to thank for that understanding.
A portion of the scraps went into the compote, the rest I saved (used quite a bit). This one is very ripe- as nice as they come.
Begin playing this 10 minutes prior to plating your food. Should help some.
There is no such thing as sexy food. Your pasta is appetizing, but has nothing whatsoever to do with ejaculation.
Beef in the royal manner
Any of you fellows know of good places for beef in Buenos Aires?
Love a good goulash.
Perhaps a walk through a forest, or a night spent in a dark closet, will help make up your mind.
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