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OTC, was there a soul surcharge on the bill?
It helps add flavor to the cuisson, which is not entirely necessary if, say for instance, you were to add a jus or brown meat stock to the bag and its contents. It is also very helpful for things like duck breasts or pigeon, where you want to render out the fat layer beneath the skin, but not overheat the meat once it is finished cooking. For things like steak, it cuts down the time needed, post sous-vide, to achieve a nice coloration on the surface of the meat, decreasing...
That all looks very nice.
I like getting a nice sear on my steak to seal in the juices.
Never used milk in pasta dough. My favorite recipe is the one I posted above, which is from Ducasse.
Probably saffron powder. My sister brought me back some from Morocco and it is very orange. It is likely mixed with turmeric.
It has about 13 yolks and 1 whole egg to 500g of flour. Sometimes I add saffron water, but I didn't here. I don't adjust colors on my photos, just shadows and exposure level.
Spinach ravioli
Great shot.
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