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Tandoori chicken
Text this number for white truffles in NYC: 1-347-798-4287. Name=Emanuele.
Markup/inferior quality.
I wouldn't buy truffles from Eataly.
I ate a pigeon tonight. Scrumptious .
Would you like to attend a meeting with me?
Okay. I'm going to go eat three bowls of Kashi and call it a night. Goodnight fellow friends of the internet.
It's a pretty multidimensional issue, and you really have to examine it from all angles. But like I said, I don't need mainstream approval or scientific "fact" to persuade me of what I choose to not ingest. It's really that simple for me.
Nor does a retraction.Anyway, it doesn't really matter. People are free to do/believe/eat whatever they choose. I choose not to be a test subject, and that is the last thing I will say about this.
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