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Well, I bought a water ionizer from Japan. It makes acid water that keeps my artichokes from oxidizing without lemon, and the 9.5 water makes a nifty tasting stock. It does a lot of other neat things, too, and I am still experimenting with it.
Muffato..one of the more interesting cheeses I've tried recently. The outside is rubbed with thyme, marjoram, mint and verbena. Excellent.
I made a civet from the shoulders last week. The recipe in the Ducasse book called for cooking them for one hour. It took more like four and a half. I found them a little tricky to get just right.
Merci. It is indeed hare. The loin. Scrumptious meat.
Scottish hare..washed down with a tall glass of ionized water at a pH of 9.5
Yes, but I feel the plate is lacking a swoosh or a smear of something. Perhaps he should make two cakes and puree one?
Try a chainsaw.
I'd recommend the vegetable tamale.
For black winter, definitely into March, perhaps even early April, depending how the season goes. They are really at their peak around mid-January to late February. I'd say that is the best time to be eating and paying for black truffles in a restaurant. White has already started, but they are still immature. I wouldn't bother with them until mid to late October. They last usually into the early part of January.
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