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Calamari sautéed with artichokes, ink sauce
Depends on the size. For small to medium-usually 2 -3 minutes over a medium heat. It takes a little practice to get the feel for them, which is why I've been eating a lot of calamari.Stuffed baby onionsBlack bass with artichokes
Thinly sliced asparagus, asparagus condiment, emulsion, and egg.
The tentacles were deep fried. Crispy +1.
Just sautéed in olive oil, then I cover them and let them sit for a few minutes to relax the flesh.
Calamari stuffed with fava beans and green garlic
White asparagus carbonara Involtini with artichokes
Look closer and embrace that which you fear.
Potato gnocchi with morels Striped bass with peas, onions and stuffed calamari
Morel mushroom royale
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