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It was also near impossible to find a restaurant selling fresh sardines in Monterey. I think the Fiat is a great car for all the twists and turns. It was surprisingly powerful.
I did not spend enough time there to form any sort of opinion. From what I experienced (mostly Matt's kitchen) it was great.
That drive through Castroville is great. The whole drive from San Fran to LA on the PCH is really breathtaking. By far, the favorite part of my trip in April..
There are. They sell them in sealed pouches at Whole Foods, too. Call me crazy, but I enjoy the ritual of extracting the seeds just as much as I enjoy cleaning the intestines out of a freshly slaughtered chicken. So, ten times out of ten, I opt for the whole fruit.
I bought around 14 pomegranates and emptied all the seeds into a stainless steel bowl so I that I can grab some pomegranate seeds whenever I fancy them.
Tandoori chicken
Text this number for white truffles in NYC: 1-347-798-4287. Name=Emanuele.
Markup/inferior quality.
I wouldn't buy truffles from Eataly.
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