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On a side note, mi amigo, are you familiar with the literary works of Joseph Campbell? I just finished his Hero with a Thousand Faces. Boy, what a tremendous read.
That is basically the method I observed at Daniel.
Roast it pink, carve, then finish in a pan with some butter.
Ah, well the above recipe was quite nice. It is served with a pumpkin gratin and braised (sous vide) endive. It will work best with a whole bird. The butter is made by blending chopped parsley with softened butter, then mixing in some sweated shallot, mushroom duxelle, truffle (optional), ham brunoise and almond powder. You roll it between parchment to a thickness of around 1/8" and freeze until solid, then cut into pieces to slide beneath the skin of the pheasant, which...
Roasted in the oven. Beneath the skin is an herb/truffle butter. Aside from adding flavor, it aided in browning the skin and basting the breasts as they cooked, which, with rather lean game birds, is helpful.
It was the best partridge recipe I've cooked/eaten. The crown is roasted in a juniper infused butter, but not cooked all the way through. You carve off the breasts, then slice them into medallions and slip a piece of truffle between each, then reassemble atop a piece of bread toasted in the cooking fat. You coat the breast with a farce made from some chicken liver (partridge didn't come with theirs) foie gras, mustard, shallot and Armagnac. It is finished in a 400 degree...
Yep. Pretty nice and pretty cheap.
Utilized the other side of the sole to make a sandwich to bring camping..breaded and fried in clarified butter, tartar sauce and some sorrel..made a hell of a breakfast..
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