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I have no regrets.
That take home stracciatella is INSANE
When gomestar invites you for pizza, heed the call..
You have to keep stirring, or else it will stick to the bottom of the pan, FYI.
Bit longer. Just taste it, when it is beginning to soften a bit, add your veg.
Well, firstly, you are getting more flavor by virtue of the starch not being washed away in a pot of water. The multiple reductions of stock linked with the starch, as in a risotto, create a nice emulsion which coats every noodle, then mounted at the end with some butter, Parmesan, a splash of olive oil and a little vinegar (I used Banyuls). Quite flavorful, that is.Not to mention the asparagus and artichokes, which I add to the pot about halfway through cooking, add their...
Pene, cooked like a risotto, artichokes and asparagus
I'll pm the digits..
Listen, it can be done, and is not completely unheard of, but it is a delicate procedure. I would suggest the use of the chicken's liver to add force of flavor which would lay a foundation, ultimately justifying the addition of the fig.
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