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Roll in frothy butter to brown lightly, place on a rack, stick in a 300 oven and baste frequently for about 15 minutes, depending on size.An example of a fillet cooked with this technique, circa February 2014..
Looks great.
The shrimp crostini were outrageously delicious. I ate a can of mackerel for lunch. #evgeni
Pea soup with mint, shrimp crostini Baby fava beans with sucrine lettuce and pancetta
You're right. I've earned myself 1,000 lashes.
A jar..Spring vegetable tartinePrawns with stir fried vegetables, sauce corail
Salade Ni├žoise Bass with baby fava beans, tomatoes and truffle Strawberry, rhubarb and vanilla ice cream
Lobster Caesar salad Penne with asparagus
Ducasse's Grand Livre
Asparagus, sauce mousseline Artichoke risotto
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