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Pigeon with peas, foie gras and almonds
It's actually a pretty seasonal dish. There's a bunch of fresh herbs in the sauce (chervil, parsley, sage, basil). The potatoes are new, and foie gras is always in season. Plus, it's so fucking delicious to eat that you pretty much forget about the weather.
Pigeon with foie gras and grilled potatoes, offal and herb sauce
Purple artichoke and arugula ravioloni
I like the way he says cupcake.
We should go next month. I'd totally go again.We should go next month. I'd totally go again.
Goddamnit, pluots are delicious.
No. They've had a few yellow and blue ones come in at Pagano's.
I think by law you are required to send them to an aquarium.
It's really quite simple. Make a pasta dough, using 1 whole egg per 100g of 00 flour. Dice the stems of some porcini and saute in a pan of olive oil. Quarter the heads and stew them, then chop and mix with the stems. Season and fill the pasta. Sweat some more heads in olive oil, then cover with chicken stock and simmer for 20-30 minutes until very soft, then blend and pass through a chinois. Season with porcini oil. To finish, saute the ravioli in a pan of olive oil until...
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