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Definitely Super Rica. Honestly, the best food I had in California was the stuff I found at the farmer's markets and then ate standing in the street, in the car, or back home.
I would say go to Urasawa then eat lightly the rest of your way.
A warm salad of green beans, dandelion greens and Kaluga caviar
Eggplant tortellini in a truffled tomato sauce
Pink cranberry bean soup with Tuscan Pecorino ravioli
Hehe. Just trying to cover all the bases. How do you do yours? Brown sugar in the cavity (twss), butter, cinnamon?
Just thinking in terms of the fiber and digestion..
Perhaps foodguy would be best to answer this one..would baked apples be a troublesome way to end a meal with someone you plan to get intimate with shortly thereafter??
Turbot Grenobloise
Blue lobster mousseline Scottish grouse
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