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Parmesan marshmallow
My client sent me these recently from Da Vittorio in Bergamo...
It's no hassle. Do you know how much you want?
I don't think any are in the market this week. I'm only really dealing with truffles and caviar.
Oh, I have those as well if you need one.
9:30/10 would work best. Keep them wrapped in a paper towel in a mason jar or other sealed container in the coldest part of your fridge. Change the towel daily if not using right away.
325 W 38st.
I'm picking them up in midtown. Really the best is to meet and get them as soon as possible, as FedEx will have them sit for 12 hours in a facility at God knows what temperature, even with an ice pack, it is not the best. It's still an option, but if there is a way we can agree on a location, I think it would be ideal.
I'll be in the city Wednesday morning. I can meet somewhere if it isn't too far out of my way, otherwise I can have them shipped to you if you let me know what you want by tomorrow.
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