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Watercress soup, scallop and caviar
I like the idea of spice. Perhaps ginger would be helpful for digestion.
Are there any nice traditional Jewish desserts that I could perhaps improvise upon? He is Jewish.
Mornin at the office!
burnt mussel coulis
Thanks. The base is a stock I made from some Dory carcasses sitting in my freezer. You cook the mussels in white wine with shallots, onion, and a bouquet garni of parsley stems, thyme, bay leaf, and orange zest. Drain, shell and de-beard, then add the juices to the fish stock and reduce by half, add a little crushed tomato, simmer, then I thickened with a little kuzu root (recipe called for cornstarch), and finally cream and as much saffron as your budget allows. This all...
Mussel soup
I made baba au rhum a few dinners ago. I poured over a pretty potent Pyrat rum. This time, since I usually make two desserts, I am thinking first a lemon and basil sorbet, and then I am still unsure about the second. Last year I made a St. Honore, which was nice, and the year before a crepe cake. He does not like chocolate. He also has a urinary tract infection.
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