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For instance, this is a piece from the box I just sent you. I've had it since March, kept in a fridge around 34F.
I've kept it for months with no noticeable decline in quality. I just sent it an hour ago. You should receive by Monday or Tuesday.
It's a bold head. Forgot to ship your salsify last week. I'll go to the post office this morning.
Thanks. This is a nice way to cook bass. Gently "raidir" each side of the fish in some olive oil, then place in baking dish and pour on previously reduced sauce. Stick in 400 degree oven for about 5 minutes, basting throughout, just until cake tester pierces without resistance, or warm to the touch, then transfer to rack and let rest, covered, in a warm spot for as long as it took to cook.
Black bass studded with olives in a tomato fumet
Tom Ford shirt. Worn a grand total of three times. Like new condition. Size 39/15.5. Made in Switzerland. Complimentary bag and hanger.
Black bass with asparagus
Call my lawyer.
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