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Sure. The artichoke was trimmed and cooked sous vide at 90C for about an hour and a half with some olive oil, stock and salt. The stem was used to make a jus, along with tomatoes, onions, shallot, lemon, white wine, truffle juice, the stock from the cooked artichoke and basil. The artichoke was stuffed with a mixture of sautéed and chopped spinach, confit tomato, roasted pepper, onion, preserved lemon, shitaake mushroom, truffle, chervil, savory and maybe a few other...
Food for vegans
Salade Niçoise
Alaskan King salmon, morels, pommes tapées
Don't you mean sucs?
Asparagus with wild garlic mustard
The dude I cook for brought back a whole leg.
Wild garlic mustard..delicious..
12 hours is fine. If they aren't opened, they don't need to be refrigerated. After opening, I keep them in the fridge.
New Posts  All Forums: