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Wow, dude. Gorgeous.
Dinousar BBQ. Kind of gross, and I think our waitress was on meth.
I'll most likely be in LA in June to make the drive back East with my friend graduating from USC, so possibly we can get a group together. If not, I will definitely be back in July, to first LA, then my cousin's in Santa Barbara for 10 days because she is going to Palm Springs, so if people want to come up there and eat, I'm sure she'll be okay with that. Her kitchen is not great, but it is manageable.
Those were all really delicious. The horchata too. Thanks again..
Matt and his wife decided I could join the grown-ups table for the last course.
Went to Malibu. Fun. Lukshon in LA is great.
The abalone innards worked wonders on my surfing skills this morning.
Andrew was going to take some pics for you, but I think he was a little self conscious.
Not to mention what an extremely friendly and generous guy Hiro is.
New Posts  All Forums: