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Sardines wrapped in grape leaves
Chestnut soup Civet of lobster with pumpkin gnocchi
Caramelized Autumn vegetables and fruits
This was a complete surprise from a friend/owner of the cheese store I go to. He gave me some money to get eggs next door and I cooked them on his portable burner in the backroom. I think the spontaneity of it all made it that much more delicious..
This was a really exceptional sauce. You first sauté a whole chopped lobster in olive oil and butter, then add some chestnuts, tomatoes and basil, color, then sliced onions and crushed garlic cloves, sweat, then a quartered cabbage heart, a slice of bacon and a bouquet garni. Cover with lobster stock and chicken consommé, then simmer for 3 hours. The sauce is passed, and one quarter of the cabbage heart is mashed and used to thicken the reduced sauce along with the chestnuts.
Scallops in a crushed chestnut and cabbage heart jus
I'd make it the same way, only no lobster heads, and chicken stock in place of lobster. You could start it by coloring some chicken drumsticks, which will give the soup some added depth and richness. I get the chestnuts from here. They really are the best: http://www.earthy.com/Fresh-Chestnuts-from-Earthy-Delights.aspx
Sauté the heads of lobsters in olive oil, caramelize in butter, add some sliced bacon, minced fennel and onion, diced porcini stems, a crushed garlic clove, a slice of lemon and sweat for 10 minutes. Pour over lobster stock, add some dried fennel branches and black peppercorns and simmer for 20 minutes. Infuse with a chestnut leaf, if you have it, and strain. Cook chestnuts in milk with dried fennel, then puree. To finish, warm the lobster base, then add in the chestnut...
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