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Cosmic grace is peeking through! Keep it up!
The texture of the vitiated fibers would most certainly not warrant such extravagance.
May I suggest consuming it with croutons, capers and brown butter.
Doesn't your spinal column get soggy from all the cerebral fluid running out of your brain?
Baked ziti, prior to being baked. Added rest of truffle to the mix, just cause I felt like being a cheeky bastard..
Maybe I was too hard on you. Seems we're all attempting to put our chops in order, one way or another.
The Blue Danube
I gave this a little more thought. Simply put, it is because I cook well that I can plate well. What is seen is the result of skill and technique developed from repetitive trial, error, and reflection. The order of the surface elements is a mirror to the order of a technical mastery; Matt is to thank for that understanding.
New Posts  All Forums: