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But I am awful!
Maybe I am your sister's awful boyfriend.
Don't eat soy, bra.
Meat is murder.
You could just go vegan and these things would not be an issue.
No, but I just added goldbond to my 18 year old dog's diaper.
Hm, oh well. I am pretty positive the California almonds/walnuts I buy are steamed and not treated with anything. Not sure about these Turkish hazelnuts I have in front of me..I also have begun soaking my nuts overnight at the recommendation of an Iranian man I met, which makes their texture almost like fresh again..speaking of which, will fresh almonds be around in mid April? I'd like to eat as much fine California produce as I can before returning to this dense rock of a...
Propylene oxide.. https://www.crainwalnut.com/pdf/fda-sterilization-protocol.pdf
FG, what's the deal with almonds/walnuts etc. being treated with PPO?
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