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It's a copper tube I bought at the hardware store. Yes, bones cut to around 2 inches are ideal.
Heat in very hot water before punching cold marrow.
Fava beans with guanicale Roasted asparagus with marrow and olives
As Signor Fieri would say, the real kicker is the aromatic oil the veal is rubbed and basted in.
Fantastic dish. Do make.
Veal, pommes boulangere, shallot fondue
Mousseline. 2 egg yolks, some white wine whisked to sabayon, emulsified with clarified butter, seasoned with cayenne and lemon. Whipped cream folded in at the last moment.
Partially, yes. Heavily salted water and rapid cooking help as well. Also, the fresher the vegetable, the brighter its color.
It took me a little while to realize just how long asparagus need to chill through completely after cooking--jumbo ones, in particular. As you say, 5-10 minutes is about right.
Thanks. The larger green are quite tender and can be eaten without peeling, as opposed to whites, which are much more fibrous, and must be peeled. Again, it could be an issue of quality. These were very fresh; their texture was fantastic. I cooked them in heavily salted, boiling water for about 5 or 6 minutes, just until a cake tester could pierce the bottom of the heads with very little resistance, then finished in butter. It was the best dish of asparagus I've prepared...
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