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Only love, old sport.
you slay me, edina.
Borage in my garden. I happened to snap the photo just as a breeze of wind blew the flower out of its bud.
I generally use white balsamic, in most cases. I have taken to adding plenty of herbs to my salads: marjoram, savory, tarragon, lovage, parsley, basil, etc. You just want to pay attention to the proportions, and have a nice blance of bitter and sweet.
I do not know that pomegranate molasses ever was in vogue, nor am I aware if it still may be, so I cannot answer that question. The vinaigrette on that particular salad was a combination of barolo and balsamic vinegars, chopped truffle and olive oil. I occasionally use an exceptional raspberry vinegar from Germany, which works well on arugula salads.Stuffed calamari in a fava bean and arugula pistou
Herb salad from my garden
Beach season.
Their stems, as well as mushrooms, onions, a reduced mushroom jus, egg yolk, olive oil and parsley. The sauce is caramelized celery root, onion, tomato, garlic, parsley stems, white wine and mushroom stock.
Stuffed swiss chard
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