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It's a Ducasse recipe. His stuff has quickly become my favorite.
Oh, also tempura artichokes and baby fennel.
Thanks. Sure. The base is a raw salad composed of (if I recall correctly) arugula, oak leaf, purslane, radicchio, frisée, chervil and marjoram, dressed in olive oil and red wine vinegar. On top is fried basil and parsley, along with fried zucchini blossoms, new onions and eggplant which you slice into fans and stuff with confit tomato and basil, then bread and fry. Then there are some raw shavings of zucchini, confit tomatoes, and baby fava beans. It is dressed with a...
That man is a genius. Thanks again!
Ghiaccio fruit
Oh, yes I am here. Looking for really great Mexican food too. Liked where mordecai and I went last time, but would like to try something different..
Thanks. Santa Monica sounds perfect.
Are there any great farmers markets during the week in the LA area?
Salad of haricot verts Lobster with eggplant, tomato and basil
I got them at Pagano's in Norwalk where I've been working. I'm sure you can find them now in NYC.
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