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Scottish wood pigeon with autumn vegetables and fruits
Either the second weekend of October or the first of November. Visiting friends, and I've never been. I'm sure they will show me around most of the key places. Do you live there?
Are there any particular restaurants worth visiting in Portland, Oregon?
I cook filet rarely, but when I do I like to on the stovetop, turning and basting in foaming butter throughout cooking. Depending on the size, you might want to stick it in an oven for a few minutes, but if you keep the temperature in your pan low enough, you really don't have to. Conversely, you could brown the fillet quickly in foaming butter on all sides, then place on a rack in a 300F oven and cook it slowly that way. This gives you a very even temperature throughout,...
I don't think that looks like crap. I think it looks delicious.
Scottish partridge cooked in grape leaves with salsify and other things
I didn't either. A friend introduced me to it in LA this summer. It also produces a high alkaline 11.5 pH water which interestingly emulsifies with oil, and is great for cleaning grease (especially on the stovetop), and removing the oil based pesticides on most conventional fruits and vegetables (or wax on lemons). The 2.5 acid water kills salmonella and E. coli on contact, so works great for disinfecting work surfaces without chemicals. Also, as I understand it, there are...
Well, I bought a water ionizer from Japan. It makes acid water that keeps my artichokes from oxidizing without lemon, and the 9.5 water makes a nifty tasting stock. It does a lot of other neat things, too, and I am still experimenting with it.
Muffato..one of the more interesting cheeses I've tried recently. The outside is rubbed with thyme, marjoram, mint and verbena. Excellent.
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