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A couple pieces I'm not dying to get rid of, but because I wear them with less frequency than some of my others, would be open to trade. Just putting them out there to see what comes back. I'm mainly interested in EG outerwear, size L (though possibly an M here and there), but the right blazers (L) and/or shirting (M/L) and trousers (32-34) could convince me. I'll post some actual pics later and am happy to send more pictures and measurements to interested parties. FW11...
I successfully ordered a pair of the tan yesterday by email. At the time they had a full color run in 9.5s (my hopeful size).
I've always refrained from posting pics, and mainly lurked, but I love this thread so figured I'd give it a whirl. FW14 Floral Chambray BD Angler shirt, I think, but not sure of the season.
Today I received the Navy Fair Isle Shawl Collar Cardigan and I love it. The fleece is thick and warm so that it could work as outwear during chilly fall nights and of course for layering during the winter. And it's not as cropped as the jersey knits seem to be. From wearing it and looking at online measurements, the fair isle fleece seems to be about 1" longer than the jersey knits. Also, I picked it up from Working Title and I highly recommend shopping with them....
I was looking around the other day for Chup on sale and couldn't find any - I think J Crew is generally the best bet. I'm sure some retailers will put them on sale end-of-season, but haven't seen any in mid-season sales.Earlier today J Crew had Chup x Smartwool on sale for 24.99 + 40% off - I picked up 3 pair for $14.99 each. I'm not seeing them on the site anymore though. Might be worth checking back to see if they pop up again.
To put it simply - I know that the whole point of EG is sourcing heritage patterns and styles and giving them a new twist, and therefore it is hard to say, "they are ripping off Daiki!" But this looks like such an obvious Bedford attempt, done so barebones that it loses what makes EG great.For starters, it could just be the styling for the shoot, but the Gustin version has a collar/lapel situation that looks sadly stiff, almost like it was ironed into that shape, stiff...
Close, but more blatantly like nice try, Gustin (again).They have it in several iterations, none of which come close to pulling it off, even for ~1/2-1/3 of the price...
The website becomes madness once it hits 50 off. I'd say rule of thumb is if there is something you really want, take it at 30%, otherwise roll the dice that you catch the website at the right time when 50% hits and that your item hits the markdown. It's definitely not sitewide, but most items. Because Filson stuff isn't exactly seasonal, nor do new or updated designs come out often, it may not go above 30%.
To save anyone looking for an olive homespun Bedford in large a little time: I called NNY a couple weeks after they were released and larges were gone. They had an XL left at that time (I do t know, at least a month ago), but I would bet it has sold out since then. That said, if anyone with a large is looking to let it go, let me know.
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