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Oddly, this line is the type of recommendation that catches me. I will check her out. Thanks.
Dammit. I was browsing for *ugh* socks, and the Expedition sold out from under me. If anyone picked up an L or possibly M and it doesn't work out, let me know.
The only thing I'm aware of that might be in the area of what you are looking for is n+1, a quarterly. It is definitely criticism heavy with a literary bend (usually one fiction piece and maybe some poems per issue, and always reviews of books and other arts). It is based out of Brooklyn, but is not as NYC-centric as the New Yorker and is very wary of class, so it is more likely to criticize the upper middle events and/or topics that the New Yorker, or even Harpers...
I would have snagged this if it is a L or maybe M. Shop Coat in Natural Linen for all you smalls out there on the Site That Cannot Be Spoken: http://www.g@@@@@d.com/listings/109069-engineered-garments-linen-handkerchief-coat
Those pics do it justice. I have the shop coat in tan high count twill and I love it. I'm tempted to pick up another in natural linen or black C/L.
I was in Aarhus two years ago and Stoy Munkholm carried EG. It doesn't show up on their website, but I don't ever remember seeing it on there, so if you are in town visit.http://www.stoy-munkholm.com/
I have handled and tried on several pairs of Frye years ago, but the quality didn't seem as good as the Red Wings I have, so between those two, I would say Red Wing.I don't have any experience with Solovair, but they look decent and I would guess similar quality to Red Wing, although the monkey boot is a very different style from the Moc style of the RW and Fryes.So I would go with the RW or Solovair, depending on the style you want. FWIW, I own several pairs of Red Wings...
As someone with no experience with EG shorts, but has been going back-and-forth between the two this season, this was very helpful. Thanks!
I tried it on again yesterday and I'm definitely leaning toward keeping it. Great length, versatile color, wears well whether with jeans & t-shirt, or layering (like with the Dayton).Nice - I'm sure you'll love it. I think the black cotton/linen one looks great too, but I like the more substantial look, but still lightweight feel of the HCT.
I just received the Shop Coat in Khaki High Count Twill and Dayton in Navy Cotton Linen. Both are fantastic and I highly recommend any iteration of either piece. The shops I could find stocking both items were running low or out of both the Dayton and Shop Coat, so I ordered both thinking I would only keep one. If anyone wants a shot at the Shop Coat - Size Medium - before I send it back to Nepenthes next week, let me know. I think they were almost out (if this was not...
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