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The style I'm referring to is 'Roody'. I'm not sure if they still sell it directly. There's an auction on Ebay right now with the exact ones I have, just in my size this time. I'll check the Diesel website. Although last time I went there, all the flash animation had my head (and computer) spinning.
I'm wondering how Diesel typically cuts their jeans. I want to replace a pair of mine because they are now too big for me, but I'm weary of what size to purchase online, due to the fact that every label cuts differently. The style is 'Roody' if that helps.
I really like the plain jeans and the leather winter jacket with the fur hood. Also, those skirts look amazing. Of course, they're not very wearable as far as I'm concerned. They also carry a $7,000 price tag. You're a member of the Dior Homme MSN group? I didn't know that.
I can't seem to find any photos online, but I'm very interested in what the collection looks like. Has anyone had a chance to view it? Anyone know any sites or magazines that are featuring it? I heard British GQ this month has a few pictures, but I have no access to that magazine.
A lot of Dior Homme lovers are actually upset with this winter's collection (aptly named 'victim of the crime', or so I'm told). The main argument is that Hedi is going too commercial and mainstream with his designs. Personally, I don't like the collection as much as I liked Luster and Strip, but it's still very nice and it'll be nice to have more Dior Homme to actually wear out on a daily basis. Instead of a party, a club, or something of that nature.
Pete, I like your taste. And I have some good news, Dior Homme's winter collection should be priced relatively cheaper than this summer's.
I used to love Dsquared, but I've grown to be more neutral towards the label. I'd love to try a pair of their jeans, but some of the slogans on their shirts are just ridiculous. Is that supposed to be funny? It's not.
What i used to hate, now love: Dior Homme: Hedi's designs never really did anything for me around the time of the Red and Solitaire collections, but I've recently grown to love (almost an obsession, lol) everything coming from the label. Especially the Luster and Strip collections from last winter and this summer. The cuts are very amazing and there's lots of signature work that's done, such as shoulder darts in the shirts and darts through the back pockets of the jeans....
Well, first of all, I've got to say that I absolutely love the website. Especially the music. I've liked that Ivana Santilli (sp?) song ever since it came out. That being said, I wasn't too crazy about the designs. However, I do have some strange taste in clothing. I think you'll do well.
I don't like the team idea for Gucci, or any clothing line for that matter. It always seems that the consitancy is lost when more than one person is put in place to design for a company. A single vision is a good vision.
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