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I have no idea..there is alot of positive feedback there though, and those messenger bags look really good. I'm probably gonna bid on one pretty soon. Could be one of those handbag boutiques. Since the only thing the seller is putting on are wallets, purses, messenger bags etc. etc.
Alright, I think I've found the perfect bag for me. I just need some second opinions. Since it's on eBay, Do you think it's real? the seller has a handful of them listed, but I cant find anything to indicate it might be fake. Anyways, here it is.
I seem to have caused a little uproar here about the 2 steps up thing, haha. I was jsut stating BR is much better quality than gap, the middle step can be anything you want it to be, and yes, most likely a starbucks. cheers.
BR - Banana Republic Owned by the Gap, but it's clothes are 2 steps up from that of the Gap.
What does everyone think of these Jeans I found on Ebay..I liked them when they came one last year and still do.
I checked that out...I'm definately not a big fan of the labels all the stores carry, the one in Toronto seems nice, but the one it ottawa i wouldn't be a big fan of.
Salespeople not very helpful are they.. oh well. I just want to know all this stuff before I head out. I don't want to get there and find out theres nothing I like, or can afford. Hopefully, even though the Ottowa Holt Renfrew men's section is small, they'll have some items I'm interested in. I doubt I'll find what im looking for, though. I may just buy from the fall/winter items. Does anyone know what price range Gianfranco Ferre's items are in? Can anyone compare them...
Thanx for all the help, guys. I'm pretty sure it's ottowa I'm going to, My aunt lives there so I'll have some one to visit as well as shop with. Has anyone ever heard or Shad's in ottowa? I'm not positive if that's the correct name, but from what I hear, its a good clothing store. Anyone ever hear of it? I'm kind of intimidated going into a Harry Rosen, with the brioni and Kiton suits and all in there, I don't know if I could afford anything. In particular, I am looking...
Well, I am either going to Toronto or Ottowa the week of August 19th. So I guess I'll be going to Holt Renfrew in Ottowa (That's the only place there that I am aware of in Ottowa) And the Holt's in Toronto, as well as maybe the boutiques in Bloore - Yorkville. I am just worried there won't be much left there on sale when I go.
How many pieces do you think would be left if I went shopping for the sales in mid-august? thats the only time I have off to go travel and get some nice clothes. Should I even bother?
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