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I like both the lines, but I'm not a fan of any of the 'head to toe' looks. I like taking certain pieces and mixing them with different things. My favourite Gucci collection by far was fall/winter 2000. I'd take anything from that collection and wear it till it disintigrates. As for YSL, I like the current collection a lot. The silk jackets (am I right?) look amazing, and I'm even a fan of the interlocking YSL buckle belt.
Haha, thanks guys. Those are actually the Dior Homme ripped jeans from Strip. The sneakers are from the same collection and the shirt is by 'You'. I had never heard of it before. I bought it from a neat little shop in Nice, France. I guess I do stand out a little here in my small Canadian city. But, I like it that way. Of course, that's not really everyday wear for me.
Ahh, here we go:
I guess it's best time I post my picture.
I think it really depends on the person and attitude. I don't expect to see a priest or a business man wear a pop art Donatella Versace shirt. However, with some people (say, people who work in the arts, or younger guys), I could see them looking good in something like that. What really matters is the overall demeanor in which the person wears something. I like to have an open mind when it comes to clothes. I'm willing to give anything a chance. Well, almost anything.
I've been cracking up at that stupid elitist thread and the anti popped collar club. Especially the 'collar foldage' part. I though it was just a style. I had no idea that people associate it with wealth and whatnot. Anyways, I've never done it because it looks stupid. It you want a popped collar, buy something with a standup collar. Something where it's actually supposed to look like that.
I have 13 pairs. And yes, I do have a favourite. I bought Dior Homme high top white sneakers while I was in Paris in March. Those things are beautiful.
I'll probably be the only one, but I really like some of the things Donatella comes out with. The pop art shirts, specifically. I do hate the flashy printed silk dress shirts, though.
When I was in Toronto, I frequented the Harry Rosen in the Eaton's center. I found they had a nice selection, but it wasn't as big as the Holts on Bloore, so they naturally didn't have as much. The casual section was very small, and they had rack upon rack of suits. The sales associates I talked to were actuall very kind and helpful, whereas the ones at Holt's were more ignorant. Still nice, but not as..friendly I suppose. Holts was having a big sale at the time, and they...
I think I'd rather play around with the cut and hardware than the wash. I want to rip out a waistband from a pair, but sew the beltoops back on, without the band. Maybe sew an extra waistband and a bit of the fly onto the top of another pair. Then the actual waist could be the one I attached, and the waist that originally was with the jeans would be more for aesthetic purposes. Another pair, I want to attach some toggle closures to the back pockets and near the bottom of...
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