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X-post from the Pitti Uomo-thread. Some pics from Carmina booth... Gotta say the Detroit last works pretty well on that longwing.
Cheers! Looking forward to those interviews of Liverano and Isaia.Tombolini, Isaia, Drake's, Boglioli and Belvest (+Fedeli) were maybe personal favorite collections..And awesome looking gloves!And then some pics from Carmina.
A Spanish brand founded and run by a guy named Carlos Castillo (right one on the picture).They have shops in Bilbao and Madrid.http://www.man1924.com
Man 1924: Few from Lardini.
Some of the pics I took during the week... Tombolini: Drake's Rosi&Ghezzi Lubiam: Sciamat: Giacometti Marmolada: Eleventy: More pics coming (and also already to been seen through the sig)
Agyesh in both pics. 1st and 3rd day (IIRC).
Nice... I post here rarely but I thought this was worth sharing
After a while couple fits that might go here... [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Thanks!Alfred Sargent mto- bensons.
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