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It does not.Yes, but I think it's fine as he works for the company.Some other fits, not sure if these have been posted before.
Can't see the shoes but for me this is pretty perfect.
Yeah, what the fuck happened? Spoo???
Thanks, I see what you mean.Thanks for your comments and the feedback HF!
Thanks guys. Well, usually when wearing a suit or something more "formal" with my doublemonks, I buckle both. When going casual I might leave the other one unbuckled as those fit me perfectly and well yeah, it's easier to get them on and off that way like slippers (but I don't like crocs...). Of course a bit of a stylistic choice as well I guess.It's 3-roll-2 patch pocket cotton blazer by L.B.M 1911 (from their S/S ´11 collection). You'll find much more pics of the jacket...
My summer has been pretty casual, just have been too lazy to post here. Anyway, here's some shots. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] More pics can be found through the sig.
Sorry man, got it all wrong...Those squares are from they're S/S ´13 collection actually, got them while visiting at Pitti and meeting a friend whose was working for them there. So not in the shops yet.And not sure about the online shop, I'll check and see if there are some places. I know they opened a shop a while ago in LA and probably a good choice to try to call them in NYC as well.
Thanks man! Had a little break from posting here as I've been going pretty casual the last months...
Something from this summer, at least some suitable for this thread I guess.
Cheers!For me it was love at first sight Thanks. That camouflage ps is actually more pink than "sand." It's from Patrick Johnson. You can buy it through their website, I got mine from Opumo.
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