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Thanks, I see what you mean.Thanks for your comments and the feedback HF!
Thanks guys. Well, usually when wearing a suit or something more "formal" with my doublemonks, I buckle both. When going casual I might leave the other one unbuckled as those fit me perfectly and well yeah, it's easier to get them on and off that way like slippers (but I don't like crocs...). Of course a bit of a stylistic choice as well I guess.It's 3-roll-2 patch pocket cotton blazer by L.B.M 1911 (from their S/S ´11 collection). You'll find much more pics of the jacket...
My summer has been pretty casual, just have been too lazy to post here. Anyway, here's some shots. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] More pics can be found through the sig.
Sorry man, got it all wrong...Those squares are from they're S/S ´13 collection actually, got them while visiting at Pitti and meeting a friend whose was working for them there. So not in the shops yet.And not sure about the online shop, I'll check and see if there are some places. I know they opened a shop a while ago in LA and probably a good choice to try to call them in NYC as well.
Thanks man! Had a little break from posting here as I've been going pretty casual the last months...
Something from this summer, at least some suitable for this thread I guess.
Cheers!For me it was love at first sight Thanks. That camouflage ps is actually more pink than "sand." It's from Patrick Johnson. You can buy it through their website, I got mine from Opumo.
I guess this could make it here. Liverano silk knit.
Some of my recent and some a bit older additions.
Cheers guys! I like them a lot...Thanks! The last is 19.
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