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Though I could share some pics of my last visit which took place last week. A pair of Trinity loafers coming soon, more pics of those after that (if I just remember to post them). Some additional photos from the visit on my blog as well.
The site is now up and live:
Couple of souveniers from Italy. Sport coats from Lardini & Pal Zileri and the gloves from Madova. Plus copped these orange rivieras from Trunk Clothiers last weekend.
One of the recest additions to the collection by Berg&Berg.
I guess there's no thread for the subject yet so I might as well open it now (didn't see the styleforum representation at the fair this time). Could have done it earlier but have been a bit busy... However I try to post here some of the S/S ยด14 collections seen at Pitti this time, mainly those that are related to "classic menswear". At this point it's just few "sneak peeks" of the collections, will update as soon as I get them posted to the blog during next weeks. Eidos...
Not sure if there has already been a lot of pics from the Trunk show Meermin held in Stockholm, however here are few I took myself in case anyone is interested... [[SPOILER]] Couple of more pics and few words of the trunk through the sig.
Couple of casual fits from archives. [[SPOILER]]
Drake's at Pitti Uomo. Chiaia Napoli.
Thanks. Haven't been wearing them much yet (just tried) but I'd say they fit TTS. I have Moore (adelaides) with same last in the same size and they fit pretty much similar.Cheers! I think the color is called Sienna (brown).The model name is Radwell (as mentioned above) and got them from A Fine Pair of Shoes. Check more details from their website.And thanks for all the comments, I'm definitely happy with what I got.
Got today my new Radwell boots. These babies are sweet. These came through AFPOS, so thanks a lot Julian! Hopefully will next week have some pictures of new Snuff suede Ramseys to share...
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