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Couple of casual fits from archives. [[SPOILER]]
Drake's at Pitti Uomo. Chiaia Napoli.
Thanks. Haven't been wearing them much yet (just tried) but I'd say they fit TTS. I have Moore (adelaides) with same last in the same size and they fit pretty much similar.Cheers! I think the color is called Sienna (brown).The model name is Radwell (as mentioned above) and got them from A Fine Pair of Shoes. Check more details from their website.And thanks for all the comments, I'm definitely happy with what I got.
Got today my new Radwell boots. These babies are sweet. These came through AFPOS, so thanks a lot Julian! Hopefully will next week have some pictures of new Snuff suede Ramseys to share...
And Eleventy: (there are some more pics behind the link above)
Still got few pictures / colletions to share... Capes by Il Tabarro And some Tombolini "flying" jackets:
^ Nice interview, as said Chay is a great guy!Few pics of my new Stepneys (wearing today for the first time). [[SPOILER]] Some snuff suede ramseys still coming and later on the spring will also have the Radwell chukka boots which I'm expecting a lot of.
Fedeli One of those i really liked. Got also a great book they had published about their history and tradition from them.
Few pictures (and words) from Boglioli. They had a really nice collection, unfortunately it was pretty hard to capture on film...
I think he's referring to Ducal (-Firenze) Shoes.Beautiful hand-crafted shoes, the collection was really nice.Not to be confused with Doucal's, also Italian shoe brand.
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