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Got these last week from a forum member. [[SPOILER]] From left to right:Grenson for Paul SmithC&J WestbourneGrenson for Mauro Volponi
^ What did you find for yourself?
Haven't posted here for a while but these are from couple of days back. [[SPOILER]]
Wow! These are nice!The purple is such a nice color...Today: [[SPOILER]]
What's the deal here? Who has the box?
Thanks. If you don't mind me asking, what's the exact color? I think I'll be getting my new westbournes (in chestnut) next week and those look really nice.Those black oxfords are from Bexley, model name William. I guess they don't have that specific model anymore. Great beater shoes.Thank you gentlemen!!
Well, it's been cold and windy as hell here for the last week or so.. I'd be happy to see some sunshine for a change...Deets on the shoes? Looks really nice as well as the whole combo!
New Posts  All Forums: