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This pretty much sums up my thoughts of the shoes. And of course you can add Alfred Sargent exclusive-range to that list.Just as a mention, they are also running a short winter-sale at the website at the moment.
Few pics of the Trinity loafer I ended up going with. Not the most suitable choice for Finnish winter weather but summer is coming.. Will come up with a detailed review later on.
Just recently got the first ever pairs from Meermin. Both MTO, the first one a copper-suede pennyloafer on the Ron-last and the other one a group-mtop for a Finnish #tyylit.fi-forum, a snuff-suede PTB with double-rubber sole. Cheers and thanks to Pepe, both pairs are just the way they were suppose to be! (sorry for the big pics)
I just recently got a suit from them, 2-piece, single-breasted, grey wool-flannel fabric with pretty subtle overcheck (as seen in the pics), slightly roped shoulders. The suit is actually still at my tailor's but some short notes. In terms of fit they are on the "slim / fitted" side. I'm usually 46 in most of my jackets (Lardini, L.B.M 1911, Pal Zileri) and this one is 48(Regular). According to themselves the sleeve lenght is also on the short side (Italian...
The coat is made by Tagliatore.Bought it from a shop here in Helsinki.
If I did not need to wear button-ups and ties at work. I'd probably go with roll necks all fall and winter Couple of the pics (one on the top and the bottom one) are from a while back but as I'm wearing the exact same combo today I thought there's no need to go and shoot again.
Though I could share some pics of my last visit which took place last week. A pair of Trinity loafers coming soon, more pics of those after that (if I just remember to post them). Some additional photos from the visit on my blog as well.
The site is now up and live: http://www.wildsmith.com
Couple of souveniers from Italy. Sport coats from Lardini & Pal Zileri and the gloves from Madova. Plus copped these orange rivieras from Trunk Clothiers last weekend.
One of the recest additions to the collection by Berg&Berg.
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