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Cheers! Looking forward to those interviews of Liverano and Isaia.Tombolini, Isaia, Drake's, Boglioli and Belvest (+Fedeli) were maybe personal favorite collections..And awesome looking gloves!And then some pics from Carmina.
A Spanish brand founded and run by a guy named Carlos Castillo (right one on the picture).They have shops in Bilbao and Madrid.http://www.man1924.com
Man 1924: Few from Lardini.
Some of the pics I took during the week... Tombolini: Drake's Rosi&Ghezzi Lubiam: Sciamat: Giacometti Marmolada: Eleventy: More pics coming (and also already to been seen through the sig)
Agyesh in both pics. 1st and 3rd day (IIRC).
Nice... I post here rarely but I thought this was worth sharing
After a while couple fits that might go here... [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Thanks!Alfred Sargent mto- bensons.
As fritzl said, no worries, they are cool! But thanks!Ordered straight from the factory. Doing business with Chay is always a pleasure.But in the US I might consider contacting Steve at Leffot (there are some nice mto-bensons at their website) or Ron Rider.
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