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Fedeli One of those i really liked. Got also a great book they had published about their history and tradition from them.
Few pictures (and words) from Boglioli. They had a really nice collection, unfortunately it was pretty hard to capture on film...
I think he's referring to Ducal (-Firenze) Shoes.Beautiful hand-crafted shoes, the collection was really nice.Not to be confused with Doucal's, also Italian shoe brand.
Here's some points from my (blogger) view after couple of Pitti fairs. There are a lot of different policies and attitudes towards people trying to take photos. Some allow only people with the press pass, some let anyone take photos and then there are some who are between these two lines. For example Cucinelli is pretty restricted, there are few guys / journalists who they let to take pictures, mainly guys they know well. What I do, is always tell what I do (tell about...
Something a bit different for a change. Sand (copenhagen): And Perfetto shoes:
X-post from the Pitti Uomo-thread. Some pics from Carmina booth... Gotta say the Detroit last works pretty well on that longwing.
Cheers! Looking forward to those interviews of Liverano and Isaia.Tombolini, Isaia, Drake's, Boglioli and Belvest (+Fedeli) were maybe personal favorite collections..And awesome looking gloves!And then some pics from Carmina.
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