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Again after a break a couple of shots from past weeks (and months maybe).
Thanks guys! And I have to admit I was positively surprised myself. Now they are just great, wearing them in fact at the moment.And shortly about the process I did for them.First I took spirit vinegar and diluted it with water (1 part vinegar and 3 parts water). Next I watered cotton cloth with the mixture and wiped the shoes properly with the moist cloth. After I had cleaned the shoes properly I set them to dry (for a day about).After drying I needed to moisturize the...
I thought this might be a thread to share a few pics of one of my favorite pairs in my rotation at the moment. Carmina brown calf leather double monks on the Simpson last. During the winter they got beaten up pretty badly thanks to rain, slush, salt etc. But luckily with some proper clean-up, nourishing and most of all that quality leather of the uppers I got them to look alright again.
Earlier this week. [[SPOILER]] Sauma private label / Mastai Ferretti / Berg&Berg / Drake's London / Crockett&Jones
Thanks! The peacoat is made by Korean brand Bastong. Made in Korea from Italian fabrics with horn buttons. Even though it is peacoat, the lining of the coat is not that thick or warm. So basically the jacket is appropriate for fall and spring seasons but not for the coldest winter days. Unless you wear many layers underneath.If you want there is more my thoughts about the jacket here.
Thanks! Yep, it is Casentino.
Couple outfits from past weeks and months.
And one from last week.Vaatturiliike Sauma private label (mtm) / Mastai Ferretti / Berg&Berg / DLAAnd one extra shot that needs to go under spoiler-tags. [[SPOILER]]
And another one from a few weeks back. Sand / Lardini / Mastai Ferretti / Viola Milano / Finealta / Crockett&Jones
From a while ago. Rose&Born / Uniqlo / Mastai Ferretti / Viola Milano / Berg&Berg / Crockett&Jones
New Posts  All Forums: