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+1.Just hope they'll raise enough money so that Mr. Biber can get his shop back on feet.
This is a great fit! Love the jacket!+ 100000!!Great work Dig!!Not today, but @ brunch on saturday...some deets [[SPOILER]]
Has anyone any experiences with the these http://www.riderbootshop.com/products/Bloke-Burnt-Pine-Calf.html ? TTS? And just to confirm, is the sizing in those also by US sizes? Thanks.
Few more pics and details: [[SPOILER]]
Thanks!The jacket is not a vintage but "a cheap piece", bought it from zara.
Today @ work: [[SPOILER]]
Having a quite casual weekend...Yesterday [[SPOILER]] And today: [[SPOILER]]
Thanks Nii!In Finland it's enough that you just have some shoes to go to the court You have a nice vibe going on. Even though I don't share your love to sack suits and some shoes that are a bit "clumsy" for my taste, this is maybe the forth or fifth fit in a row that I've liked a lot!Love about everything in this one. It's simple and it's working!
Thanks Victor!Edit.EFV and Louis XIV: Cheers!!
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