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Quote: Originally Posted by EFV Wow, that belt and double monk combo looks nothing short of fantastic. C&J Lowndes? Thanks! Actually those are Shipton&Heneage Burfords, made by Cheaney. Btw, what size is that RL jacket that's too small for you...? Quote: Originally Posted by Mrshinyredplanet Those are some beautiful shoes. I'm in love. Me too, definitely my favourite pair off all ...
PM sent for the whole lot (what is left), if the offer still stands. Great looking collection
Quote: Originally Posted by IST66 That's a nice looking tie! Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast My favourite of the weekend looks, definitely. Really like this one, that tie is working great with the suit. Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Bad photo Monday. Giving a quick talk to the local business association this evening, hence the memorable red Pee Wee Herman...
^ that's really really nice!! Deets?
New black oxfords from AS, aldeburgh 104 last.
1) white (french cuffs) 2) light blue (barrel cuffs) 3) light blue (barrel cuffs) 4) pink (barrel cuffs)
Thanks for the thread, this is great! And the blog went straight up to my bookmarks, nice!
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Bontoni Looked a lot better just from the other side
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