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The quality of the photos is not good, but I was quite tired when I got home, so...
Still going casual, today's details: Click for bigger picture.
This is really nice! Waiting for the next one and documentation of the project...
Thanks! Those socks are actually from Happy socks..
I'll remember that next time... If you click the first pic you should be able to see a bit bigger pics...I guess this is still a positive comment, so thanks man...The jacket is actually made by benetton. Found it @ some thrift store and made it a bit slimmer than what it was.Thank you. Well, when it's raining and sleezy in november (and I don't even wanna talk about the winter) you may wanna rethink that...
Today: [[SPOILER]]
Been away for about a week and just scrolled through about ten pages...Thumbs up was not enough, this is awesome!!
Maybe could even be posted at SW&D, but I don't go there very often, so here it is.. Morning coffee today. It's getting all cold and rainy in Finland... [[SPOILER]] Shoes were brown suede chukkas, forgot to get those in the pictures...
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