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Thanks!The jacket is not a vintage but "a cheap piece", bought it from zara.
Today @ work: [[SPOILER]]
Having a quite casual weekend...Yesterday [[SPOILER]] And today: [[SPOILER]]
Thanks Nii!In Finland it's enough that you just have some shoes to go to the court You have a nice vibe going on. Even though I don't share your love to sack suits and some shoes that are a bit "clumsy" for my taste, this is maybe the forth or fifth fit in a row that I've liked a lot!Love about everything in this one. It's simple and it's working!
Thanks Victor!Edit.EFV and Louis XIV: Cheers!!
The belt was not maybe the best choice. I was going to wear much more lighter shoes and that's why chose that one. Then changed the shoes but forgot the belt... Wore my jacket all day, so it was ok.There's a bit better picture of the ps [[SPOILER]] So theres light blue and red in it.Plus I like green with red, so that choice was intentional and I think it does pair itself with the rest of the outfit.Does that make any sense?
Great looking trousers Spoo!!And Victor, you are still rocking this thread! Love that brown SC!Today's pics.
Thanks Holdfast Yep, you might have a point there.. I'll keep that in mind, though it was a "considered" choice to unbutton the middle one. Thanks.Thanks! And yeah, the jacket is RTW, made by Danish NN 07. I was looking for a jacket like that for a long time and then found that on sale this summer
VictorSF: You've brought this thread back to life... As many have said, your pictures are great and I like your style (and I also envy your wardrobe... )!! But most of all I like your positive attitude, keep posting!!
Do not want to crosspost, so Posting just here instead of WAYWRN-thread. This is actually what I wore yesterday...
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