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^ Nice one Gerry. The selection of your shoes and boots is stunning.. A few shots from yesterday. Even though I'm wearing a tie I consider this thread to be more suitable for this one. More pics through the link on signature.
Thanks! And thanks for the critique. That's one of those things I personally like more aesthetically pleasing, that the metal of the pin is visible. But I know there are a lot differing opinions on that one and have used that so at only the head can be seen as well.
Details mainly from the past week, shot by phone. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Thanks! The suit is a mtm-piece from a local store here in Helsinki called Sauma. The fabrics is wool-silk (IIRC) blend by VBC.
Earlier this week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). Quick shots by phone.
Thanks! The glasses are by Balenciaga. I bought the frames from Malford of London a couple of years ago.
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