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Another from previous week.
One from last week. More pics from the sig.
Thanks! Mostly (and in all of those shots) I use the double four-in-hand which is my favorite type of tie-knot.Cheers!! The frames are from Balenciaga and the brown overcoat is an old one by a brand called Sand Copenhagen. The fur collar is detachable and that I bought as second hand.
Not today but a few looks from out trip to Florence last week. The last two shots taken by Andreas / @anden
From yesterday, before Xmas-dinner. No snow here this year. Vaatturliike Sauma private label suit / DLA shirt, tie and pocket square / Crockett&Jones oxfords A bit late, but merry christmas and happy holidays to all!
Details from a couple of days ago. Rose&Born / DLA (sample) / VM / No name
[[SPOILER]] Sport coat: LardiniTrousers (part of a suit): Sauma private label (mtm)Shirt / tie / pocket square: DLA
Thanks! That is actually a "brushed" brass bracelet. Very simple, a sample of a project that will hopefully move forward sooner than later I like it myself as well..
From the weekend. [[SPOILER]]
Herringbone kind of Sunday. [[SPOILER]]
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