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any photos?
Friends, New to the forum, long time lurker. Getting a tux made for my wedding as I alluded to in a previous post. I'm very keen on the following combination: - Midnight blue 290gm wool/mohair mix - Black crossgrain satin facings - Shawl lapel - Single breasted 3 button waistcoat (low U-shaped) with no lapel, in the same midnight blue wool/mohair Now...I know it's considered best to wear a cummerbund with a Shawl lapel... but I can't bring myself to wear...
Edward Tam (E. Italian Shop No.117, 1/F, Regal Kowloon Hotel) soft shoulder blazers, skilled guy. check him out, he gets the look.
i'm in the process of having a tux made in HK also - i live here, so have approached it as a "warm weather" suit. i won't live here forever, so i would like something that can work back home in colder climates. I'm using a 260gm wool/mohair mix. seems to be the right mix of warm weather practicality but also will be suitable in colder cities. plus, i got a waistcoat, so i don't think i'll get cold if I need to wear to a formal event in a european winter (for example).
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