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Are there any good Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales happening? JCrew is doing a 25% off everything... Not bad.
not a huge fan of that combo... ugly christmas sweaters are fine, varsity jackets are fine, but together, not so fine.
buying off the rack, in my opinion, is far simpler, easier, and cheaper than taking a mtm or bespoke route. can't tell you how many stories i've read of people who have been disappointed with their very pricey purchases. that said, if you are too slim to buy something OTR, then bespoke or mtm could be a potential option. that said, if you can, see if you can find some slim suits... jcrew, zegna, boss, armani, rlbl all have slimmer cuts that you could probably purchase...
i think you could probably get away with a less formal "dress shirt" in a more casual setting. try going with a hemmed dress shirt or shorter OBDC shirts (jcrew?).
these ties are definitely still popular on wall street even though i think they're kind of dopey. hermes isn't the only one who are doing these, however. jcrew and vineyard vines also dabble in the critter/animal cartoon prints. i don't know how much longer they'll be popular, but i highly doubt they're going away any time soon.
water buffalo card case from coach. it's been a huge step up from the trifold i used to rock. recently, however, i've been thinking of going to the clip.
the trendy suits are all pretty short... check out theory suits, for instance. i've also noticed this trend for a lot of asian guys. i personally like shorter suits because i, myself, am short; however, i find jackets that are too short don't look good.
i think it looks fine. if you size up, it will likely be more baggy through the body area.
sleeves are just slightly too short (maybe). jacket is definitely too short. for a first suit, i'd go with something more classic vs. something trendy like the one in the pictures.
i'm a smaller guy, so i prefer narrower (not super skinny). i think larger lapels can look great on some men though.
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